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Recruiting in the Cloud: Making Your Application Process Mobile

Posted by Samara Parker
October 4th, 2013

Is your recruiting strategy missing out on one of the most important demographics?

Odds are, the answer is yes.

Over 60% of job seekers are using mobile devices to look for work. That means that over half of your potential candidates will be trying to apply for your job openings via mobile.

But, in our most recent survey, we found that only 1 in 20 career sites were mobile-optimized, even though quite a few of them thought that their employer sites could accommodate mobile applicants.

So what's the big deal? Won't these candidates simply apply later from their computers? Well, actually, no they won't!

In fact, 40% of your potential hires will abandon the application process entirely if it is not mobile-friendly. And your candidates have very high standards when it comes to mobile experience.

Simply put, if your potential hires cannot complete their application immediately, and completely, from their mobile device, they will not complete their application at all.

(Caveat: of course this does not apply if you are hiring for president, or CEO, or the next Batman!)

Hopefully we all agree that mobile friction is a huge problem, so now we can move on to the easiest possible solution.

The Jobcast Facebook Recruiting App is your mobile solution.

It's easy to use, it's completely free (although I highly recommend upgrading to our Enterprise plan), and with Jobcast, all job applications can be completed immediately from any mobile device.

Most other recruiting apps do not allow candidates to submit their resumes from their mobile devices. Since most iPhone or iPad users don't or can't access their file system from their phone, there is no way to upload a resume, or any document, from their mobile device.

The Jobcast team has used Cloud Technology to solve this problem. This new Cloud integration makes it possible for your candidates to submit their resumes with Dropbox.

Here's how:

From your Career Page, the candidate will start the application by clicking 'Apply Now'.

Blog recruiting-in-the-cloud-making-your-application-process-mobile

• You'll notice that the applicant has the option to apply by uploading a file or with Dropbox.

Blog recruiting-in-the-cloud-making-your-application-process-mobile

• Applicants applying from their desktop computer or with an Android phone or tablet can select a resume from their hard drive by clicking the "My Computer" button.

Blog recruiting-in-the-cloud-making-your-application-process-mobile

• The next button is where the magic happens! Your applicant can tap on the Dropbox button to access their Cloud data, from any mobile device, or any computer.

Blog recruiting-in-the-cloud-making-your-application-process-mobile

• A pop-up window will appear, and the user will be asked to log in to Dropbox.

Blog recruiting-in-the-cloud-making-your-application-process-mobile

• Once they are logged into Dropbox, they will have access to all of the files that they have saved in the Cloud. Your applicant can then select the copy of their resume they wish to attach.

Blog recruiting-in-the-cloud-making-your-application-process-mobile

• Through the magic of the internet, lo and behold, their resume will now be attached to their job application. They will then have the option now to 'View' the file that they have attached, or to 'Remove' it and instead select another.

Blog recruiting-in-the-cloud-making-your-application-process-mobileBlog recruiting-in-the-cloud-making-your-application-process-mobile

As with all applications, you will be sent a notification, and a copy of the resume via email. Of course, the applications and attached resumes will also be viewable in the "Manage Jobs" section of the Jobcast App.

If you like, you can post this tutorial on your Facebook Career Page for applicants to see, but we believe that the design is intuitive enough on its own; they won't even notice a difference between applying from their computer, and applying from their phone.

At Jobcast, our main goal is to make your recruiting better.

We believe that mobile friction is the biggest hurdle employers currently face. Trends predict that mobile job searches will double over the next year, making a frictionless mobile application process more essential than ever.

Make your recruiting mobile with Jobcast!