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Setting up your Facebook business or recruitment page

July 25th, 2011

Creating a Facebook Page or ‘Like’ page is easy. With 700 million registered users, having a Like page will allow you to connect with potential candidates or consumers while building your corporate and employer brand reputation. There is no limit to the number of Like pages available to an account, so it is important to consider whether you will manage separate accounts for marketing and recruitment functions, and also who will manage them. The rise of social media has created overlap between the communications and human resources departments, so determining who is responsible at the onset will help establish spheres of influence from the get go. In setting up your Facebook page, there are a few things to remember:

Content is public. All Like pages are public, so people can view your page even if they are not logged into Facebook. Additionally, content posted on the page gets indexed on Google, so individuals can find your company even if they are not users of the site.

Content can be segmented. Looking to engage with a specific country, city or language group? Your posts can be customized and segmented by location and language, resulting in targeted, specific messaging.

Share the work. You are able to add additional administrators to your page. Keep in mind, however, that everyone will have the same rights to the page, including adding or removing other admins, so choose wisely!

Add content. Think of applications you may include on your page including videos, rich text, graphics, opt-in box, job postings, links etc. Get creative and check out some of the third party applications, like Jobcast to make your page stand out from the crowd.

Promote. Use Facebook adverts to promote your Like page to individuals, segmenting by location, age or interests. You can test different image and text based adverts to see what works and manage your budget through cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) based pricing.

Ready to get started? Visit and look for the “Create Page” in the right hand side to set up your Facebook Page.