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HR Motivation and Inspiration

Posted by Samara Parker
March 19th, 2014

I may not work in human resources, but having grown up with both parents working in HR I feel like I can very safely say:

HR is tough.

From navigating finicky policy to navigating finicky staff, from trying to make everyone happy to trying to find awesome new employees… who you will then have to make happy, it just plain tough!

That's why it’s important to stay motivated. Otherwise you'll just burn out, or worse, have a social media meltdown!

But how can you stay inspired? Life coaches are expensive, and motivational posters are pretty dorky… So instead, check out these cool articles for some totally free, and un-dorky HR inspiration:

We’ll start with the most inspiring dude on the internet; Seth Godin. This guy just inspires the heck out of people, every time!

Check out this blog post about creating a wowday. Okay, so that’s probably as dorky as a motivational poster, but reading this blog post is far less conspicuous, so at least no one will know!

Looking outside the box when recruiting can help you stay motivated and help you find better candidates. This article suggests three unexpected sources of candidates who could make great sourcers!

In order to stay motivated it’s super important to feel like you’re making a positive change through the work that you do. This article is all about how to make sure HR is adding value.

Some people are just insanely awesome motivators. Rayanne Thorn is one of those people. Her blog posts are always inspirational and whip smart. In this post she shares some great thoughts about multitasking and shares some great advice to get you motivated and ready to face the day!

I’ll leave you with her 6 edges of success:

1. Risk

2.  Motivation

3.  Center

4.  Balance

5.  Focus

6.  Act, as in DO!

Couldn’t have said it better, wouldn’t even try!

Happy social recruiting :D