Candidate Experience: What Candidates Want & How to Give it to Them

Posted by Samara Parker
June 17th, 2015

Candidate experience should be a core consideration at every stage of the recruitment and hiring process.

Social recruiting, mobile-friendly application, and video interviewing should enhance the candidate’s experience as well as the talent acquisition process.

I’ve highlighted these three aspects of hiring because each of them speak to how today’s candidate wants to be recruited.

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56% of candidates now turn to social media first when commencing their job search, 9 in 10 job seekers are looking for work via mobile device, and 66% of candidates prefer video interviewing to the traditional.

Candidates want to be able to connect with companies through social networks, they want to apply for a job from their phone, and they want the option to interview via video.

Excellent candidate experience is all about giving the candidate what they want (at least within reason!)

Blog candidate-experience-what-candidates-want-how-to-give-it-to-them

How Do Candidates Want to Be Recruited?

- By Axel Andersen @axelandersen

Are you trying to attract candidates by offering fancy job titles and goodie bags? If you are, then according to Axel Andersen, you might need to rethink your strategy!

In this post, Axel discusses the latest findings from LinkedIn and what those findings can teach us about how candidates want to be recruited.

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3 Integral Ways to Better Personalize the Candidate Experience

- By Chris Brablc @cbrablc

The current job market is candidate driven, which means companies need to pull out every tool in their toolbox in order to attract qualified applicants.

Talent analytics is one such tool.

Chris explains how companies can use data to create better more personalized experiences for candidates.

4 Ways to Efficiently Schedule Candidate Interviews

- By Emily Tatum @ETphonehome91

Try as it might, technology has not solved the frustration that is scheduling.

Scheduling meetings is an unpleasant part of life for everyone, but it can be an especially frustrating experience when it comes to interviewing.

This is especially true when the interviewee is currently employed.

Emily Tatum has 4 great suggestions for improving the interview scheduling experience and the candidate’s experience as a whole.

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Stop Lying To Candidates: Here's a Good Way To Tell Them Why They Didn't Get The Job…

- By Kris Dunn @Kris_Dunn

Despite popular belief, a candidate’s experience doesn’t end when you decide not to hire them.

Candidates that don’t make the cut for one position may be a perfect fit for a future job opening.

Even if you are certain that a particular candidate should never be employed at your company, or any other, they may have friends you’d love to hire. If you burn your bridges with the undesirable applicant, then chances are they will tell their colleagues, friends, and connections about it!

Kris Dunn explains how to tell candidates they didn’t get the job in the best possible way.

10 Funny Images That Perfectly Sum Up Recruitment

- By Sophie Deering @sophiedeering

How does this contribute to candidate experience?

Laughing is the best antidote for a bad mood and happy recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers makes for happy hiring :D

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