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Happy Canada Day from Jobcast

Posted by Samara Parker
July 1st, 2015

Happy Canada Day!

Did you even know that it was Canada Day? I forgive you if you didn’t. Especially if you are not Canadian.

Jobcast is a Canadian company, based out of Vancouver BC, so to honour our Canadian roots this week’s Link Love is all about Canada.

To start, here’s an interesting fact for anyone looking for a job in our home and native land: Monday is the best day of the week to turn in your application.

Monday applicants have a 10% higher chance of being chosen for interviews.

For more fun facts about working in Canada check out this article over at Workopolis:

By the numbers: The cold hard facts of finding a job in Canada in 2014

They also found that the average interview lasts about 40 minutes, but Canadian interviewers make many crucial decisions within the first 4 seconds!

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50 Insane Facts About Canada

As a Canadian, none of these facts are insane to me… Of course, I know that we 2.4 million caribou and that we invented basketball… We’re also responsible for peanut butter.

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8 Non-Boring Moments in Canadian History

The history of Canada is notoriously boring, just ask any of our high school students!

Apparently this has more to do with our teachers than history itself as Mental Floss found some pretty fascinating stories that my history teachers never taught in class.

In 1885, the world’s most famous elephant was killed by a train in St Thomas, Ontario. The people of St Thomas butchered the elephant and lived off of its meat for months. We are a pragmatic people.

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13 Strange Things You Didn't Know About Canada

The weirdness just keeps on coming! My favourite part of this slide show is about Nanaimo’s annual bathtub race. This one is near and dear to my heart because I grew up on Vancouver Island and because I believe that bathtubs have a need for speed.

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Stuff Canadian People Like

This link is to a Tumblr devoted to being Canadian, the things that we find amusing, and the stuff we have that the US does not.

Like Shreddies the best breakfast cereal ever.

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Happy Canada Day from all of us at Jobcast!