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Facebook's Shareholder Meeting, Ads Facelift, and Brand Personas

Posted by Samara Parker
June 12th, 2013

Yesterday, Facebook webcast its first shareholder meeting live.

This meant that anyone with access to the internet could sit in and observe. Pretty crazy, especially when you think back to 10 years ago, when it was barely possible to stream low-res cartoons.

For today’s Link Love, in honor of our ability to watch Facebook do business in action, we thought we’d highlight some cool Facebook news from around the web.

This article goes into some detail about the recent Facebook shareholder meeting. It shows their current stock performance and explains Zuckerberg’s strategy (which basically boils down to : THINK LONG TERM.)

Something that should make stockholders happy is Facebook’s increased focus on improving services for businesses. According to this article, one way in which FB is going to do that is by giving Facebook Ads a big face-lift. Which kills two birds with one stone by making businesses happy, and by setting up that terrible pun!

Speaking of ads, this blog post by Joe McCormack explains the science and art of getting Facebook Ads just right. He also references the Amazing Spiderman, thus providing our quote of the day:

“With great power comes great responsibility”

And as if a Spiderman quote isn’t amazing enough, this next link takes a look at what successful brands are doing right on Facebook, and brings them to life as personas. Okay, so that sounds less amazing than the Spiderman thing, but trust me, it isn’t. This article is hilarious and brilliant. My favorite persona is the “Game Show Host”. Check out Carrie Kerpen’s article to find out which one you like best (or most resemble).

This last link is just for fun. I can’t believe how many posts we’ve done on Facebook, and yet we’ve never featured a link from the ever hilarious Failbook. It could have something to do with the fact that much of what they post is completely inappropriate for work… But this one is G-rated, so click away!

Happy Facebooking!