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Facebook Recruiting: 3 Things All Companies Should Do

Posted by Samara Parker
June 15th, 2015

There are over 1.44 billion monthly active users on Facebook, according to the social network’s first quarter 2015 earnings announcement. Facebook is now up to 936 million total daily active users and has 798 million mobile daily users!

Facebook just keeps on growing as does the amount of hiring managers and recruiters turning to Facebook to reach candidates and share their job openings.

Social recruiting is rapidly becoming an essential part of hiring strategy and Facebook is the major network being used by companies, such as Pepsi and the Gap, to spearhead their social recruiting efforts.

Facebook recruiting is particularly relevant today as millennials continue to take over the labour market.

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The line between passive and active candidates has blurred to the point of near irrelevance. These days, everyone’s a candidate!

And, these days, everyone’s on Facebook.

To keep up with the competition and win the war for talent, companies must adapt to the millennial way of thinking about and looking for work. They must have an employer brand presence on Facebook.

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Most of the Jobcast blog readers are already savvy enough to know that Facebook recruiting is an awesome way to reach top talent, but it never hurts to be reminded of why we do the things we do!

Nor does it hurt to revisit some of the keys to running successful Facebook recruiting campaigns.

3 critical things all companies should be doing for Facebook recruiting:

1. Start with Employer Brand.

Your employer brand is how your company’s values, purpose and corporate culture are perceived on the social web.

Your employer brand helps ensure that job seekers know what your company is all about and whether or not they are a good fit. It’s also what will attract top talent to apply for your jobs.

You need to communicate all of the perks being employed at your company has to offer and show job seekers that your company is a place where they can grow.

Your employer brand must also be consistent in the way that it is communicated across all of your social networks and on your company website. This communication should involve not only words, but also photos and video!

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2. Social Means Getting Everyone Involved.

Facebook recruiting success is not possible if you ignore the social part of the network!

The most effective way to reach top talent, communicate your employer brand, and get more high-quality applications is to get your employees/colleagues involved.

Ask for their help!

“When you ask for support, you are trusting in others, which strengthens the trust between you and your supporters.” – Lorie Corcuera

You’ll be surprised by just how eager most people are to lend a hand.

Have employees spread the word that your company is an awesome place to work. Encourage them to post on their Facebook Timelines and the Company Page’s Timeline about their work and the office culture, share photos and engage with job seekers.

People are significantly more likely to consider a job if they hear about it from someone that they know, so capitalize on all of the social connections that your employees have.

3. Share, Comment, Like, Engage.

Content marketing plays a huge role in social recruitment.

Your company should be marketing itself by putting out a variety of written and visual content about accomplishments, events, and awards and sharing this content on Facebook.

You’ll also want to share links to other people’s content that is interesting to the candidates you are targeting.

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But on top of pushing content out, you also need to engage if you want to draw job seekers in!

Joining Facebook groups, liking other people’s content, commenting on posts, and engaging with anyone who reached out to your company via Facebook is an essential part of building a well-rounded social presence.

The more positive exposure and engagement that you cultivate for your company, the more your content will be shared and the more qualified candidates will want to connect with your company online.