Workforce Trends: Boomer Brain Drain, Employee Unrest, and Faking It

Posted by Samara Parker
May 13th, 2015

Know your candidate is one of the major tenants of recruitment.

This knowledge informs how your reach job seekers, how you sell your company to them, and how you convert them into applicants.

To help you stay abreast of the latest workforce trends we’ve gathered 5 excellent blog posts about today’s candidates.

Baby Boomer Brain Drain – Alison Napolitano

10, 000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day! – Click to Tweet

Baby Boomers exiting the labor force will potentially push the skills gap to an all-new high!

So expect the current workforce trend towards a candidate drive market to continue.

This infographic explains the impact that the Baby Boomer brain drain will have, how companies are preparing (or not preparing) for it, and what you can do to avoid the pitfalls at your workplace.

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A Different View of 'Top' Talent, Namely That it is Mostly a Myth – Steve Boese

The desire, especially in tech, to recruit “rock star” candidates is one of my least favourite workforce trends.

In this article, Steve explains why this trend is misguided and often harmful to a company’s overall success.

Recruiting Across Cultures: One Size Does Not Fit All – Michael Sanger

Hiring on a global scale is becoming much more common place.

Many companies are broadening their talent pools to include a significant number of non-local candidates and employees.

HR and recruiters need to consider the cultural differences that influence how they assess candidates.

Michael explains how the workforce trend towards diversity complicates HR by forcing us to question employee expectations and cultural bias.

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How Some Men Fake an 80-Hour Workweek, and Why It Matters - Neil Irwin

Cultivating a culture of business has been a rising workplace trend for a couple of decades now.

Working long hours, traveling at a moments notice, and being in constant contact with clients and colleagues via mobile is no longer the exception, but the norm for todays workers… Or is it?

Neil’s article explores recent research showing that many of the people, particularly men, who are supposedly putting in 80- or 90-hour workweeks, are actually faking it!

 73% Of Professionals Don’t Love Current Positions – Sarah Adams

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Careerealism’s 2015 Employee Satisfaction Survey results are in!

After polling their 1 million plus monthly reader base career advice site, Careerealism found that:

  • 38% of participants said their job was “okay, I guess”

  • 35% of participants said they hated their current job

  • 27% of participants said they “REALLY love” their job

Check out Sarah’s blog post to learn more about their survey.