The Best Facebook Recruiting Apps, House of Cards in Your Office, and the Evolution of Work

Posted by Samara Parker
February 4th, 2015

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far!

Here are a few awesome reads to make your workweek even better:

Are You Making the Most of Social Media Recruitment? – Sarah Willis

Sarah gives some great advice for making sure that you use your social networks to their fullest possible recruitment potential.

#FirstInHR: Using the Power of Social to Recruit - HR Kitchen

I like this article because it explains the all too often neglected topic of candidate’s rights. Definitely worth a read!

New Ways of Working Report: Road Map For How Workplace Will Evolve - China Gorman

China Gorman provides a summary of the recently released New Ways of Working report. The report explains what key drivers are changing the way we work and what those changes will be.

What Does House of Cards and Employee Personalities Have In Common? EVERYTHING. - Bridget Webb

Have you ever wondered how your work personality matches up with those of the characters on House of Cards?

If not, then you should probably take the rest of the day of to watch every single episode of House of cards and then read this hilarious blog post.

Top 6 Facebook Apps For Recruitment - Sophie Deering

We’re famous! At least according to Sophie Deering who included Jobcast in her list of the best Facebook Apps for Recruitment.