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February 25
Jobcast Careers

With over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide, we realized that Jobcast had to be mobile friendly. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the latest advancement to our social recruiting app. Job listings posted through Jobcast can now be viewed on mobile devices!

Users will not be directed to your company’s Facebook Page, however they will be sent to a mobile optimized website that will allow them to view the entire job posting and its details.

We hope that this new feature drives additional relevant traffic to your job postings. As always, we value your feedback, so feel free to send us a message or review our App on our Facebook Page.

Happy (social) recruiting!

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February 22
Jobcast Careers

Google+ for Business is here to stay, whether you are ready for it or not. I know that many of you are currently thinking "Oh great, yet another social media platform. Why do I need to create a Google+ business page in addition to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages?" It does seem a bit redundant, however, there is an extremely large audience that uses Google+, so it would be a shame not to capture the attention of those users. Plus, do not forget the power that Google itself brings to the table as a search engine. It's a well known fact that social media actively relates to search marketing and given that Google is the premier search engine on the internet and they favour their own sites, a Google+ page will certainly effect your company's search rankings. Google officially announced that it will be giving greater authority to Google+ Pages in search results. As soon as we heard about the announcement that Google+ Pages were available to the public, we created a page for Jobcast immediately. It's another great avenue to connect with your company's employees, potential candidates, fans and followers. Set up your Google+ Business Page here. Don't forget that you will need a Google account to sign up. Don't worry, it's simple. Click here to create one.

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February 17
Jobcast Careers

We agree. Social sharing is huge. Without social sharing, social recruiting would not be where it is today.

The article below care of Media Bistro describes the profound impact of social media and social sharing in our current world. The study sampled 2,059 consumers that all had to be active on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and that fell within the ages of 16-40. Out of the sampled group, 68% fell between the ages of 19-34.

Some interesting statistics:

– there are over 845 million monthly active users on Facebook, and more than HALF of which login daily – sharing via mobile devices grew 6 times in 2011 alone – Facebook made up 52.1% of all sharing online in 2011 though Twitter and Tumblr grew their volume of shares by 576.9% and 1299.5% respectively


Twitter, Facebook, Google+ And The Future Of Social Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC] By Shea Bennett on February 16, 2012 6:00 AM 

Social sharing is huge.

In less than a decade, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have given rise to a phenomenon that has literally changed the world. At the click of a button, a user anywhere on the planet can immediately share content with friends, family, colleagues and clients, who, thanks to the ripple effect, can repeat the process, ultimately passing a single piece of information on to potentially millions of people.

This empowers individuals and businesses – everyone now has the capability to make a difference. But what does it mean for the future? Five years from now, what types of content will be shared the most, by whom, where and why?

Digital marketing agency Beyond analyzed the social sharing habits of over two thousand active Facebook, Twitter and Google+ users. By evaluating what makes something ‘shareworthy’ today, Beyond made six predictions about sharing habits in the future.

The rate of shared content will eventually plateau. Users become more passive the longer they are on a social network, which means that brands need to find ways to keep their fans active and engage.

The rate of shared content will eventually plateau. Users become more passive the longer they are on a social network, which means that brands need to find ways to keep their fans active and engage.

Like it or not, frictionless sharing is here to stay. While unpopular with many, frictionless sharing has been ushered in by Facebook and is used by Spotify and others. A backlash has already began, but Beyond argues that this will pass and frictionless sharing will soon evolve to become commonplace and more widely accepted

The Google+ Circles model is likely to catch on. It needs to be simplified for users, but segmenting your social networks into specific friend groups to selectively share content may prove to have legs

Discount, discount, discount. Consumers will always want discounts and giveaways, and brands that utilize these marketing tools will spur users to continue to share their content

What we’re prepared to share will evolve. The most common events that people share now are status updates about life achievements, but over time this will likely evolve to include personal milestones sent via frictionless sharing, if this can be made easier

The reasons why we share will remain the same. The top three reasons for sharing are to inform friends, express a point of view or to say something funny. These elements have been the bedrock of how we have always expressed ourselves to others, and this likely will not change

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February 13
Jobcast Careers

Via Mashable: So you’ve got a great job that’s waiting to be filled at your company, and you decide you want to tap into the already measured power of social media recruiting. You start to wrestle with the big kahuna, LinkedIn, and you’re also covering niche social media sites for your industry. But you may be ignoring an intensely powerful tool hiding right under your nose — Facebook. The social media mega-site has proven successful for snapping up young professionals, but it can be a great resource for finding talent at any level. Continue reading the full article on Mashable here.  

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February 6
Jobcast Careers

At the end of 2011, the analytics team at LinkedIn had a look at the most common buzzwords on people's LinkedIn profiles. What we found interesting is that there was one particular buzzword that was number one in quite a few countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and here in Canada. The word? 'creative'.

Given the large international representation of LinkedIn's members, here are the number one buzzwords for a selection of countries across the globe:

Creative: Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, UK, US Multinational: Brazil Dynamic: France Effective: India Problem solving: Italy Motivated: Ireland Managerial: Spain Track record: Singapore Do you use the word 'creative' on your LinkedIn profile?

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February 1
Jobcast Careers

Via Mashable: Job trend reports are pointing to big things for the tech industry, including lots of openings and opportunities for growth. Here’s the lowdown on tech hiring trends. In 2012, there will be increased demand for mobile app developers, data warehouse analysts and user experience designers. Consider the number of people companies will need to hire to build mobile applications across platforms for Appleproducts, Android and other smartphones. We have previously reported that the smartphone app downloads are projected to grow from 10.9 billion in 2010 to 76.9 billion in 2014. Read the full article on Mashable here.  

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January 31
Jobcast Careers

Social media (SM) recruitment, social recruiting, e-recruiting. They are not just buzz words, they are terms that are current and have become the norm in the recruitment world. Not sure about social recruiting? Below are several reasons why social recruiting is here to stay. 1) Increases Job Visibility

With hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, using social networking platforms for recruiting will ensure that your job openings will be seen and read by a larger number of qualified candidates.

2) Increases the Quality of Hire

People who frequently use social media may be considered early adopters, who are highly desirable in the job market at the moment. Using social media to recruit will therefore attract this group of people, who are normally more technically savvy and innovative. 3) Raises Brand Awareness

Using social media platforms will not only increase your overall company visibility, it will also let potential employees know that you are with the trends of social networking. Opportunities to interact with potential candidates through social networking sites can also help position company brands by targeting workers in a more dynamic way. 4) Improves Referrals

Referrals are definitely of the best kind of business lead, so why not apply the same principal to jobs? Social recruiting can help you make more people aware of your company’s current job opportunities through spreading the information through various social media means. 5) Inspires Employees

Posting jobs to your company’s social media platforms is also an indirect way of empowering your employees to spread the word. Employees and followers can simply choose to share a link to another person’s profile. 6) Reduces the Cost to Hire

The recruiting-related transactional costs through social recruiting is typically lower in comparison to other sources. Less money can be allocated to traditional job advertisements and put towards social recruiting strategies and implementing related tactics. 7) It’s Engaging

Social media is about connecting and having engaging conversations through sharing great content. Putting together a strong social recruiting strategy will help to define what type of content you think will be valuable to share with the candidates with whom you would like to engage. 8 ) Wide Reach

With more than 800 million active users on Facebook alone, 50% of which log on to Facebook in any given day, many recruiters and hiring managers are leveraging social media’s wide reach and large audience for influencing potential candidates. Ready to begin? Start social recruiting with Jobcast.

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January 26
Jobcast Careers

Thank you to the team at FeedMyApp for a great review of Jobcast! Posted on January 23rd, 2012: "It makes total sense to utilize the outstanding coverage that Facebook delivers when advertising jobs. Let's face it, with the economic climate the way its, half of your potential job candidates are probably sitting on their butts at home using social networking sites whilst job searching. Jobcast is a social media monitoring application for jobs and employment that broadcasts jobs to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other job boards to find the top talent that's out there looking for work. Social Media is changing the way we live, communicate, and work. With so many people having Facebook accounts now it seems the next logical step is to integrate your social life with your work life so that you get the best of both worlds. Jobcast is a simple to use Facebook social recruiting application that broadcasts jobs to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin as well as major job boards like Indeed, Juju and Jooble. With Jobcast, employers are able to find their top talent where many people spend their time online - on social media sites..."

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