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The Benefits of Social Recruiting

January 31st, 2012
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Social media (SM) recruitment, social recruiting, e-recruiting. They are not just buzz words, they are terms that are current and have become the norm in the recruitment world. Not sure about social recruiting? Below are several reasons why social recruiting is here to stay.

1) Increases Job Visibility

With hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, using social networking platforms for recruiting will ensure that your job openings will be seen and read by a larger number of qualified candidates.

2) Increases the Quality of Hire

People who frequently use social media may be considered early adopters, who are highly desirable in the job market at the moment. Using social media to recruit will therefore attract this group of people, who are normally more technically savvy and innovative.

3) Raises Brand Awareness

Using social media platforms will not only increase your overall company visibility, it will also let potential employees know that you are with the trends of social networking. Opportunities to interact with potential candidates through social networking sites can also help position company brands by targeting workers in a more dynamic way.

4) Improves Referrals

Referrals are definitely of the best kind of business lead, so why not apply the same principal to jobs? Social recruiting can help you make more people aware of your company’s current job opportunities through spreading the information through various social media means.

5) Inspires Employees

Posting jobs to your company’s social media platforms is also an indirect way of empowering your employees to spread the word. Employees and followers can simply choose to share a link to another person’s profile.

6) Reduces the Cost to Hire

The recruiting-related transactional costs through social recruiting is typically lower in comparison to other sources. Less money can be allocated to traditional job advertisements and put towards social recruiting strategies and implementing related tactics.

7) It’s Engaging

Social media is about connecting and having engaging conversations through sharing great content. Putting together a strong social recruiting strategy will help to define what type of content you think will be valuable to share with the candidates with whom you would like to engage.

8 ) Wide Reach

With more than 800 million active users on Facebook alone, 50% of which log on to Facebook in any given day, many recruiters and hiring managers are leveraging social media’s wide reach and large audience for influencing potential candidates.

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