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November 27
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If you haven't already installed our Facebook Job app, This post is meant to explain how the app works and provide some screenshots of the app in action! With our Facebook job app your company can post jobs and receive applications on Facebook pages. It’s a great tool for recruiting staff within Facebook. Easy to use and can be set up in minutes! for instructions on getting started, please visit our How to Install page.

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February 24

In this case study you’ll learn how Phoenix group:

  • Re-Branded the Province of Saskatchewan with Facebook

  • Used Facebook to attract people from all over the world to grow Saskatchewan’s workforce

  • Created a targeted content strategy campaign to effectively reach very specific demographics

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July 22
Jobcast Careers

With today's technology, companies of all sizes can take advantage of video to showcase the unique culture within their organization. Be real, be honest, and focus on presenting your company in an authentic way to potential applicants. Star employees are on the hunt for more than just a J.O.B and want to work for an organization whose values and mission are in line with their worldview.  Great organizations are built when like-minded people come together to work on projects they believe in. What does your organization stand for and how can you present that in a recruitment video?

 Ideas for producing your recruitment video

Allow candidates into your world and give them a true feel for who they'll be working with, what the company's vision is and why it's important. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your video footage:

  • Add an introduction from the CEO or founder

  • Conduct interviews with existing employees

  • Provide tours of the office

  • Show staff interacting at a company event

  • Highlight benefits and perks that make your company unique

Need a little inspiration?

In a recent blog post, Jennifer King, HR Analyst at Software Advice provides some great examples of excellent recruitment videos by Zendesk, Rackspace and HubSpot which are embedded below. You can find her full article here.

Example Recruitment Videos


This is Zendesk


Your Career at Rackspace


Inside HubSpot

Have you seen any recruiting videos that deserve honorable mention? If so, please share them with us in the comments! P.S. With Jobcast Premium, you can build your own employer branded Facebook Career Page complete with graphics, embedded YouTube video and a list of your latest jobs. To get started, install Jobcast on your Facebook Page.

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June 22
Jobcast Careers

Getting traffic to your newly created Facebook Career Page can be a little overwhelming in the beginning. It's important to keep in mind that building your company's talent community will take time to gain traction. By making a commitment to promoting your Facebook Career Page, you'll soon have a thriving community with users who are passionate about working for your company. So, you've got your career listings streaming onto your page and you've started sharing great content about your employer brand. What's next?

Try these six ideas to increase traffic & likes


Turn on the"Include Jobs in Search Engines" feature in your Jobcast account center to get free traffic from job search engines such as Indeed, SimplyHired, Juju and Yakaz.


Use the social sharing feature in your Jobcast account center to cross post to your other social media channels


Add Facebook graphics or a widget to the career section of your company website and encourage readers to visit you on Facebook


Have your recruitment team include links to your Facebook Career Page in their email signatures


On your company or employer blog, direct readers to your Facebook Careers page with copy like this at the end of your posts:

"P.S. To learn more about current job opportunities, please visit our Facebook Career Page"


Use Targeted Facebook Ads to drive qualified job candidates to your Page. Facebook ads can be set up in minutes and you only pay for advertising when a potential job seeker clicks on your ad.

For more details on Facebook ads, visit http://www.facebook.com/advertising.

Read more on increasing traffic to your Facebook Career Page Don’t Ask for Likes, Make Your Business Page Likeable

Turn Your Employees Into Social Media Ambassadors

How to Attract Candidates with Timeline for Facebook Page

If you haven't already, make sure to install the Jobcast Recruitment App to get the most out of your Facebook Career Page.

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June 21
Jobcast Careers

Google and Microsoft do it, Disney dapples in it, even HSBC and Deloitte have joined the bandwagon. All of these companies are harnessing the power of video and social media to connect with potential candidates. Most communications professionals will tell you that video marketing is the wave of the future (and even the present) as more and more people are accessing video through social media outlets, including YouTube as well as corporate websites and news multimedia channels. Some quick stats and facts:

  • 35 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute.

  • Over 13 million hours of footage was uploaded in 2010

  • More video is uploaded every 60 days than the three major US television networks produced in 60 years

  • 94 of AdAge magazine’s top 100 advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube

  • Over 5 million people have found and subscribed to a friend’s channel using YouTube’s friend-finding tools.

  • Over 2 billion videos are viewed every day

If you are currently recruiting or just looking for ways to help establish your company as a great place to work, why wouldn’t you broadcast your employer message through a medium with this kind of reach? As the economy gains momentum and the skills shortage again rears its ugly head, having a strong company brand reputation, particularly amongst YouTube’s base age demographic of 18-54, will help your recruitment efforts and overall market positioning. Some great examples of recruitment videos include: Google, Disney, Telus and Deloitte. Recruitment videos are about sharing the experience, speaking with employees and supporting your existing brand message. Job seekers are increasingly conducting extensive research on companies before applying for roles and while your corporate website, Facebook and Twitter pages offer some insight, it is the personal touch of a recruitment video that can tip the scale, particularly for younger workers. Online video is not confined to YouTube alone. There are many other uses for recruitment videos, whether they are uploaded to your company website or on targeted job board or news website, shared on various social media, including Facebook and Twitter, or even played in the office reception area or career fair. While videos should be professional and communicate a consistent brand message, they need not be expensive. The best videos highlight employees of different ages and departments, explaining why they enjoy working for the company. Think video recruiting might be right for your organization? Here’s a checklist to get you started.

  • Assess your objective and key message(s)

  • Determine your budget

  • Hire a video production company (this need not be expensive, but companies have the right equipment to help ensure a strong finished product)

  • Gather key employee spokespersons to participate

  • Follow through with an integrated marketing campaign including online, social media and email communications as well as possibly traditional print, out-of-home and broadcast messages

  • Have fun and showcase why your company is a great place to work!

Have a great recruitment video to share? Post the link below and we’ll share them on our social media pages.

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June 12
Hero job-sync-no-one-should-have-to-post-a-job-more-than-once

Many of our clients have expressed that they use Jobcast as their Facebook Career Page while still using their existing ATS or career site. If you have an existing solution for posting your jobs on the web, maybe you're asking yourself, "why should I have to post this job twice?" With our Jobcast API  your ATS can now send jobs to your Jobcast Facebook app. But, if your ATS provider isn't ready to use our API, that still leaves you with the pain of manually posting jobs. For those situations, we can help!

Job Sync. Provide us with a link to your jobs page, RSS feed or XML feed and we'll have your jobs synchronizing on Facebook daily. Pricing starts for as little as $99 a month and varies depending on job volume. To sign up for Job Sync, click here and log in to your Jobcast account.

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June 12
Hero facebook-career-pages

Many of our clients have expressed how important it is for their branding to show consistent design and messaging on all of their social platforms. We couldn’t agree more!

To help build your brand presence, we’ve added some great new features that give you complete control over customizing your Facebook Career Page.

When you upgrade to a Premium subscription, you will unlock these additional features:

  • Brandable color scheme

  • Custom banner placement

  • Embeddable YouTube videos

  • Welcome messaging

Brandable color scheme Customize your Facebook Career Page’s colors to match your company’s brand.

Custom banner placement & embeddable YouTube

  • Add a banner to your Facebook Career Page to build your employer brand with consistent design.

  • Showcase your company culture with a YouTube video embedded directly within your Facebook Career Page.

Rich text editor Create personalized welcome messages.

Your own branded Facebook Career Page Once you’ve finished styling your career page, here’s an example of the finished product.

We’re really excited about the new design customization options and we hope you enjoy using Jobcast Premium!

To upgrade, click here and log in to your Jobcast account.

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May 24
Jobcast Careers

Our development team has been hard at work building an API that opens up Jobcast to work seamlessly with your current recruitment technology .

What does this mean for non technical folks?

If your company has the technical capabilities, you can have your jobs published to your Facebook page from your own career page or ATS. No more re-posting your jobs manually! For technical details, and for access to our API, please refer to our Jobcast API documentation If technology isn't your company's specialty, no need to worry - we can do it for you. Just send us a link to your career page, RSS or XML feed and we will have your jobs feeding to your Facebook Page within five business days. Pricing varies but starts as low as $99 dollars a month. To learn more, please contact us. Our API currently centers around managing your job postings and your job categories but we will be expanding upon this on an ongoing basis. We're excited to increase our API functionality to allow the recruitment community to  integrate further with our platform. Start publishing your jobs on Facebook today right from your own careers page or ATS!

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February 27
Jobcast Careers

In our first year of operation, Jobcast has already managed to exceed our expectations.  We started with a simple idea and it blossomed into a company that we are extremely proud of. We went through a re-branding process from our social recruiting app’s original name, ‘Sydicruit’, to what it is today. We have built an app that is efficient and simple to use, and that was always our goal – to make an easy to use, simple social recruiting application for you, the user, for your social recruitment needs. Our user base has continued to grow tremendously over the past year, and the feedback and comments we have received have been invaluable.  Our app is constantly evolving as we learn from you. What works, what you feel doesn’t. What you’d like to see in the future. The aspects of the app you enjoy. The features you love. Our team has grown as we continue to grow. Our committed and passionate team will assist with propelling Jobcast further as we grow. We are thankful to be working with such a talented group of people. It’s hard to believe that it has been a full year since we started Jobcast. I guess time sure does fly when you are having fun. We are grateful for a fantastic first year and are looking forward to the years to come! Sincerely, Ryan St. Germaine CEO, 


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