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Keep Your Social Recruiting on Trend with these Links

Posted by Samara Parker
June 5th, 2013

If you want to be popular you need to stay on trend.

Personally I find this very difficult to do.

I do not enjoy fashion magazines or shopping. I am also quite short, so I often end up in the children's section of clothing stores. And trust me, nothing says "this chick is not hip" like a pair of velcro sneakers with Dora the Explorer emblazoned on the side.

Not only am I not a particularly stylish dresser, but my taste in general is "pretty lame" (according to my hipster friends at least). I still get really excited by board games, and haven't updated my gym playlist in years. Why would I? What could be better than Will Smith's Getting Jiggy With It for getting your pump on?!

Thankfully, when it comes to social media, I actually enjoy trend watching. Every morning I sit down with a cup of black coffee and skim through Feedly to see what's trending in the blogosphere. There's always some awesome new app to check out, or Facebook update to complain about, and sometimes if I'm lucky, there's a gorgeous new Infographic for me to download and save as the background for my iPad (Looking at you Leader's West!)

Catch-up time means I'm usually pretty behind when it comes to world news, but I make up for that by compiling links for the Jobcast blog's Link Love Wednesday. I figure, if I share enough cool stuff in our Link Loves, you'll forgive me for not knowing the results of Pakistan's latest election.

So here is my humble plea for forgiveness, in the form of Links that will help you stay on trend:

Trends are in a constant state of flux, as it's the nature of the beast! Just when you think you've got your social media strategy down, some new social network comes along to shake things up. The only way to deal with this constant flow of new technology is to stay open-minded and curious. Easier said than done! Which is why this piece on accepting change in a fast paced world by HR Bartender is so awesome.

Staying open to new things is a great idea in general, especially when they can save you time and money! This is why I highly recommend embracing the new move towards sharing platforms. Both because they are a great way to save your hard-earned dollars (three cheers for Airbnb), and also (at least according to Cameron Scott) sharing platforms are the next revolution in social technology. I have to say, I think he's on to something.

Speaking of revolutions, apparently the next wave of innovations in recruiting will all have to do with improving candidate experience. Fistful of Talent shares some companies and apps looking to spearhead this movement by making job applications less complicated and the candidate experience less stressful and more fun.

Occasionally (okay, often!), being hip has a bit of a dark side. That dark side is blatantly apparent when it comes to the new and controversial web site, Beautifulpeople.com. Basically, the site is a place where employers can go to hire good looking candidates. And really, if the classic American film 'Zoolander' has taught us anything, it's that being incredibly good looking makes you trendy and popular. Hiring only attractive people seems to work well for companies like Abercrombie & Fitch, but this site still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth!

A more tasteful, and far less shallow, way to boost your popularity is by improving your SEO.

Here's how to get your site on the front page of Google's search results by updating your SEO. These tips are pretty straightforward, and accurate according to my very own SEO guru (i.e. my husband).

Alright hipsters, happy link loving!

Oh, and one last tip for being cool, remember these words the next time you're doing some networking:

"Be there, be awesome, be gone"