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Risky Hires, ATS Woes, and Icebergs

Posted by Samara Parker
July 9th, 2014

The internet is just bursting with fantastic content this week!

From slick new apps, to recruitment basics revisited, to triangular infographics: this link love’s got it all!

On Hiring, Recruitment, and HR

There’s a new report out from ADP’s Recruitment Quotient: Raising Your Talent IQ 

You do have to give them some of your personal info, but it’s worth it for graphs like this one:

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How is your ATS effecting your candidate’s experience? According to Andrew O’Brien’s article: Are Recruiters Taking the Wrong Approach to Applicant Tracking, not so good! 

“Just 16% of candidates think existing applicant tracking processes ‘work well.’” – Click to Tweet

Maybe it’s time to try something new? Like an app. Perhaps even an app that let’s you recruit on all the major social networks from a single dashboard, automate the job posting process, and allows for collaboration, note taking, and applicant tracking… Just sayin’.

“Almost every US company (92%) is now hiring through social media.” – Click to Tweet

At least according to Ben Slater’s article: The Pre-Application Stage: Attracting the Best Talent, and honestly, that stat doesn’t surprise me.

Ben’s article, on the other hand, is brimming with new spins on some HR basics. He explains where a brand begins to be a part of the application process, and provides excellent advice on making the recruitment process welcoming.

Another recruitment related question you may have found yourself asking is: How Risky is That New Hire? 

Luckily for you, Andrea Sharfin answers that question in her recent article on Medium. She also quite confidently shares what, in her opinion, is The One Interview Question That Really Matters!

I don’t know if it’s really the single most important of all the interview questions in all the world, but it is incredibly smart and left me feeling  quite impressed by Andrea and her thought process.

Social Stuff

The Complete Guide to Transactional Email by Jimmy Daly is a MUST read. It is clear, chock full of valuable information, includes screen shots and excellent data points, and it’s a fun read.

You could easily apply what he is saying to your email transactions with potential hires, or if email marketing is completely outside of your wheelhouse, I highly encourage you to send it to anyone you know in marketing.

Bonu Link

New app alert!


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This app is sort of like Pinterest, but for hipster designer types. It allows you to create boards (Icebergs) from content you find on the web, files you upload, and notes that you can write in app.

You can use Icebergs to collaborate with team members, and use the information you gather their to work on projects, assist with content curation, and what ever else you have on the go.

So far I give Icebergs a 14 out of 20. For context’s sake: Trello is a 21 and the LinkedIn app is a 4.

Well, his week’s Link Love has me feeling inspired to revamp our content calendar, email campaigns, and newsletter… I hope it has provided you with some inspiration as well.

From all of us at Jobcast, have a lovely week…

And stay social!