Giving Millennials Feedback, Better Career Sites, and HR Gossip!

Posted by Samara Parker
October 15th, 2014

It’s time to get your learn on with this week’s top articles!

When Performance Reviews Simply Aren’t Enough – Anna Carroll

“For the average Millennial, feedback is indeed ‘the breakfast of champions.’ ” – Click to Tweet

I agree with this statement 100% and I’m willing to bet most of my fellow Millennials would too.

Anna Carroll’s excellent article explains the importance of real-time feedback especially in regards to GenY.

Oh, and hot tip: If you don’t have time for a constructive feedback conversation, just use emojis!

But First, A Single Source Of Business Truth – Kevin Grossman

“It’s time to answer the talent analytics call!”

According to Kevin, HR and recruiters need to step-up their data game, as it is essential for moving away from a reactive hiring model to a more effective, organized, and proactive one.

#HRTech Gossip - ToddRaphael

Because who doesn’t love being in the know?!

This blog post shares a little of what Todd Raphael picked up at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas.

4 Tips to Drastically Improve Your Career Site Now – Shannon Smedstad

“Whether it’s a consumer or career site, you have to give users just the right amount of information to know what to do next.”

This post gives excellent advice for improving candidate experience by putting the jobseeker first.

101 Super Effective Ways to Reward Employees – By Peter Economy

According to a poll conducted by Maritz Research, employees who are recognized on the job are:

  • 5 times more likely to feel valued

  • 7 times more likely to stay with the company

  • 6 times more likely to invest in the company

  • 11 times more likely to feel completely committed to the company

Sooo… You should definitely read Peter’s article!

Have a lovely Wednesday and stay social!