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Hire great talent on Twitter!

Posted by Jasmine Tiang
June 15th, 2016

Does your company have a Twitter page?

It’s 2016 and you’ve probably heard of Twitter. Did you know that there are 310 million people that use Twitter, and that 100 million of those are monthly active users? If you’re looking to hire great talent without spending a fortune to access it, try social recruiting on Twitter.

Companies typically use Twitter to establish a brand presence. It’s a great way to engage your followers and customers, market upcoming promotions and product releases, and also serves as a platform for providing customer service.

What many companies also take advantage of, is the fact that many companies find successful hires through Twitter.

By using location-specific hashtags in combination with branding hashtags and hiring hashtags, you can easily tweet out your job openings to the right audience.

It’s the ideal location, because without leaving the website, jobseekers can learn about your company culture. In turn, you can learn a lot about your potential newhire by looking at their Twitter page. What are they tweeting? Who are they following? Will they be a good fit, and is it worthwhile to contact them for an interview?

Twitter is free to use, easy to manage, and provides a wealth of knowledge on a large platform in bite sized pieces.  Why not use Twitter for your social recruiting?

Did you know that Jobcast’s autosharing feature supports Twitter? With minimal setup, automate all of your job postings to be broadcasted onto this goldmine of a network and take your social recruiting to the next step. Here’s a video of how it works!

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