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Don’t Ask for Likes, Make Your Business Page Likeable

Posted by Samara Parker
March 6th, 2012
Blog dont-ask-for-likes-make-your-business-page-likeable

Do you want your Facebook page to feel less like a collection of sales pitches and more like an engaging online community for possible employees? Obtaining new followers isn’t easy but the more likable your page is, the easier it will be to obtain followers who genuinely want to be a part of your online presence. Give new fans, visitors and potential candidates good reasons to want to “like” your page with these easy‐to‐follow tips:

Design & Functionality

  • Visually appealing Facebook pages make a big statement! Add photos and videos to your page which best represent your brand. You may only have a few seconds to catch the eye of a potential or current follower with your post and this small trick can make a big difference. Use images that highlight important moments in your company such as events, new employees, product updates, etc.

  • Try to update photos on a regular basis to keep followers interested. One of the reasons for Facebook’s popularity is it’s visual content. So, the more you take advantage of this feature the better.

  • Facebook recently added the new Timeline feature for Facebook business pages. This template features larger enhanced photos, organizes status updates into a timeline format and allows for private messages with fans.

Activity & Content

  • A Facebook page has the ability to become stale if not updated frequently. In order to ensure steady user interest, create frequent updates that followers will find interesting. The updates don’t always have to be directly from within your company. Include features from the community or news items of relevant content to build common interest among users.

  • Generally speaking ‐ no news is too small. You may think the promotion of an employee or the order of a new product line wouldn’t interest potential Facebook fans. However, it’s surprising how the small victories within your company can be converted into news headlines and contribute to the buzz around your business. The new Facebook timeline for businesses has a company milestone feature that highlights events such as these so users take notice.

  • Don’t be afraid to show you’re human. Forget about Facebook as a marketing tool for a moment and remember what it’s like to be a user yourself in order to create relatable content. Utilize the brand of your business for inspiration when trying to build a fun environment for your users.

  • Create online discussions. The more you invite users to become involved in the activity on your page, the more relevance users will feel it has in their lives. This will serve well for your likeability and is also a great way to build long‐lasting consumer relationships.

Creating & Posting Likeable Jobs

  • Facebook is a great word‐of‐mouth tool for promoting your job postings. Once a job has been posted on your website, it’s easy to further promote the posting  by using Jobcast to post to your  page along with other social media sites.

  • When creating the Facebook status update, make sure it is clear, brief and best outlines the position so that possible candidates are targeted effectively.

  • Highlighting where and how applicants can apply ‐ either in your status update or an easy‐to-find location on the linked job posting, is essential and highly effective.

We hope that these tips help with creating a more engaging and likeable Facebook page!