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Facebook Recruiting, Employer Branding and Resume Death.

Posted by Samara Parker
April 17th, 2013

The new Superman trailer is out and it’s dominating my news feed.  The “Man of Steel” is taking up valuable real-estate that ought to be devoted to stories about the latest social media trends, Facebook Recruiting, and cat pictures. Doesn’t Mashable.com know that Superman is the most boring of the heroes, and that I have a very important Link Love to write!?!

Apparently not.

Superman is my least favorite hero. He is just too … well … super. It’s too unbelievable. Unlike a tortured man, who decides to dress up like a bat and get into epic battles with overly-smiley green-haired fellows. Now that’s realism!

Okay, so maybe believability isn’t the best reason not to like Superman. But really, you’ve got to admit he’s just not the most practical archetype to aspire to. No amount of martial arts training, voice modulation, nor fancy gadgets on your belt will transform you into Superman. Whereas there is still a part of me that thinks, if I work extra hard on my Jiu-Jitsu skills, I could totally take the Joker!

Practical skills, that’s where it’s at.

So, for this Link Love, let’s look at some recent articles in the blogosphere that will help you develop some practical social recruiting skills and make your recruiting a little more super!

Our very favorite post this week just happens to be about our favorite subject: Facebook recruiting! This nifty Infographic breaks down 10 easy steps to make your Facebook Page better.

Best quote of the week has to go to Michael Schrage for:

“Resumes are dead. Interviews are largely ineffectual. LinkedIn is good. Portfolios are useful, but projects are the real future of hiring”

And it’s not just this quote that’s awesome. His argument that having candidates work on actual projects is more efficient and effective than any interview could possibly be is bold, smart and practical.

TalentHQ breaks down how to set the stage for recruiting success. Hint, it’s all about planning.

Another of our favorite topics: better employer branding! Jodi Ordioni (best name ever) helps you avoid three major employer branding pitfalls. Tip number three is copy-writing gold!

And what list of practical advice would be complete without some app suggestions? None. So here are some recommendations from Inc. for apps that your business really should start using. We also, highly recommend Buffer.

Oh, and one last little piece of advice: Don’t hire the kid with lime-green hair. Trouble.