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5 Unexpected yet Essential Blogs for Social Recruiters

Posted by Samara Parker
May 14th, 2014

Last week's Link Love about social recruiting role models was my favorite article we've published to date on the Jobcast blog.

This is because in that post, we got to highlight some of the people who have made this blog what it is today, and in doing so, thank them for being such a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

(Check out our list of 7 Incredible Social Recruiting Role Models)

It is so important to learn from other people in your field if you want to improve at what you do, but it is also helpful to look outside of your own genre for inspiration.

Social recruiting involves a diverse skill set. Creative writing, the ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, trend analysis, excellent communication, and the list goes on!

In order to cultivate these skills I highly recommend you add these non HR or recruitment related blogs to your RSS feed.

5 Unexpected yet Essential Blogs for Social Recruiters:


Lifehacker is a blog that offers its readers simple but clever solutions (hacks) for all sorts of annoying problems. The site, whose tagline is “Tips and downloads for getting things done”, churns out tons of great articles that will make you more productive, keep you informed about helpful new apps, and teach you all the best tricks for getting the most out of social media… And life in general!

Check out this recent Lifehacker article, The Three Questions You Should Ask to Think More Critically.

Fast Company

Fast Company is an online magazine focusing on innovation, design, leadership, and technology. With articles written by some of the most progressive and successful business leaders it’s no wonder that they were named 2014’s Magazine of the Year by the American Society of Magazine Editors.

Fast Company is a fantastic source of inspiration, and shareable workforce related content that any social recruiter can benefit from.

Their article, Is a Truly Flexible Workplace Possible, is an excellent example of the high quality content they publish on a regular basis.

Buffer Blog

The Buffer Blog is my current obsession. I have never before come across such a consistently valuable source of social media and content creation tips.

The articles on Buffer are innovative, well written, and offer advice you have NOT heard before, such as how to apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to your content creation strategy, amazing!

This blog post, All About Content Calendars, completely revolutionized our content calendar for Jobcast’s social media, newsletters, and blog.


This winner of two blogging Webby Awards mission is to help its readers put their ideas into action by providing them with educational videos, articles, blog posts, and interviews.

Not only will you find 99u to be a source for quality shareable content but, with a little bit of exploration, I’m sure you’ll find it be a wealth of actionable tips to improve your own recruiting and social media efforts.

An example of the perspective shifting content 99u consistently provides is this video: Change the World with Outrospection.


To succeed with social you must be able to write strong copy that fits with the social platforms you use. CopyBlogger is hands-down the best source of information for anyone looking to write better online content and social media posts.

There article, How to be Authentic, is a must read for anyone looking to build up a trustworthy brand.

Happy Link Loving and stay social!