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Snoopify Your Social Recruiting

Posted by Samara Parker
May 8th, 2013

Everyone can use a little more awesome in their lives.

Last week we wrote about great ways to improve your Facebook Talent Community by being more like Ryan Gosling, who is basically the epitome of awesome.

This week, we’ll share some links to our favorite Ryan Gosling memes!

Just kidding — that would be silly for a recruiting-themed blog to do. Instead, we’re going to share the link to this incredible new app that allows you to “Snoopify” pictures of yourself! I mean, really the only thing that could make your LinkedIn profile better is if you were wearing a rasta hat, giant gold chain, and dope shades. Obviously!

Oh, and here are some other links that will make your social recruiting more awesome. They are just icing — Snoopify is recruiting gold.

Being famous on Twitter, if you’re not a hot young starlet or stand-up comedian, is hard! The Cynical Girls gives us regular folks 6 tips to get us there.

What could be better than 6 tips. 7 tips of course! Improve your social media engagement. Tip number one: “Highlight current employees on your company Facebook Page” sounds awfully wonderfully familiar.

Maybe perfect isn’t so awesome. Check out Seth Godin’s musings on how your best is kind of boring, and definitely not your most creative.

Quote of the week:

“Move mountains for them. All of them. You move all the mountains for all of them.”

It’s from a stellar article on how to be awesome at HR. Despite what the hyperbolic quote implies, this article has some of the most practical/fantastically blunt advice for HR I’ve ever come across. Awesome.

Corporate culture. It’s so important when it comes to recruiting great talent. Here are six ways to ensure your corporate culture is awesome. Other than the fact that the author doesn’t make buying a foosball table tip number one, this article is pretty darn great.

Happy Snoopifying! And trust me, foosball = key to better corporate culture.