7 Informative Infographics for Social Media Recruiting

Posted by Samara Parker
March 25th, 2015

Visual content gets more engagement on social media than any other type!

Attach a video, photo, or illustration to your Tweet and you’ll up your chances of getting retweeted by 150%.

Images also help us absorb information. In fact, our brain processes visuals 60 000 times faster than text.

Blog 7-informative-infographics-for-social-media-recruiting

Perhaps this explains the rise of the infographic.

Infographics have come to dominate online content marketing and social media.

If you want an effective, engaging, and attractive way to convey a message, infographics are the perfect medium. Infographics are also a wonderful way for HR and recruiters to learn more about social media.

Here are 7 social media infographics that you can use to improve your social recruitment strategy.

2015 Social Media Marketing Trends – JSH&A

Blog 7-informative-infographics-for-social-media-recruiting

Recruiting and marketing are merging in the age of social media making it more important than ever for HR to monitor marketing trends. The trends explained in this infographic are all applicable to social recruitment.

The Best (and Worst) Times to Post on Social Media – SurePayroll

Blog 7-informative-infographics-for-social-media-recruiting

One of JSH&A’s key trends to pay attention to is the importance of timing your social sharing for maximum effectiveness. The times at which you post determine who sees your content. This is exactly why Jobcast’s social recruiting automation tool allows you to schedule when your jobs are shared to which network!

SurePayroll’s fantastic infographic will show you the best times to share your job posts and promote employer branding content.

5 Steps to Effective Social Media Measurement – Salesforce

Blog 7-informative-infographics-for-social-media-recruiting

Measuring ROI is essential for ensuring that your social media efforts are successful. The steps presented in this infographic will help you keep tabs on how effective your social recruiting strategy is, and where you need to make adjustments. Hot tip: replace the word conversion with application, sale with hire, and lead with candidate!

The 2014 Social Recruiting Survey Infographic – Jobvite

Blog 7-informative-infographics-for-social-media-recruiting

Jobvite’s social recruiting surveys are always a fantastic resource and chock full of information, but their surveys are long. Jobvite’s infographic highlights all of their most important findings in two pages, and is a great way to quickly revisit their most salient points whenever you need a refresher.

How to Create an Infographic That Boosts Social Shares and Leads - Social Media Examiner

Blog 7-informative-infographics-for-social-media-recruiting

Okay, so this one isn’t an infographic, but the article does contain several of them! If you’ve been inspired to create an infographic of your own, then this article is for you :D

Oh, and if you do decide to make an infographic, or if you’ve made one in the past, tell us about it in the comments!