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The Strength of Social Media

January 23rd, 2012
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2011 brought social media to new heights. It showed the world that there is strength in numbers through the uprising in the Middle East, the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan and the Occupy movement that swept the world. It made everyone, individuals and businesses alike, stop and think about how they wanted their voice to be heard across a global and transparent network. It shifted business mindset, focusing on the importance of redefining practices and processing going forward. Strategizing and implementing social media communications plans became a priority.

As mentioned in previous posts, internet users spend approximately 25% of their time online on social media networks. They look at news, blogs, and share and communicate information with their network of contacts. They post videos, pictures and even create relationships with people that they may have never face-to-face. Social media is still uncomfortable for many to grasp, but it is where hundreds of millions of active users spend their time.

In today’s era of recruitment, the focus of finding talent is increasingly shifting from online job boards to social media networks. This shift is something that all businesses need to consider within their recruiting plans to stay ahead of the ever-evolving world of online and social recruitment. Considering the number of active social media users globally, recognizing social media as a “talent pool” is a clear choice for employers and recruiters.

Social media. As we all know, it is not a FAD, it is a fundamental change in the way we communicate online. What is your plan to communicate and reach your potential employees online?