Content Marketing & Social Recruiting Blog Posts This Week!
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December 17, 2014

Here are seven of our favourite HR and recruiting blog posts this week:

Holiday Gift Giving for Employees – It’s Not That Simple by Paul Hebert

Paul provides two pro tips for giving seasonal gifts to employees.

The First Tweets in #HR and #Recruiting by Jessica Miller-Merrel

Jessica takes a look back at the first tweets of fifty professionals in the HR and recruitment industry.

2014 Job Board Year in Review by The Job Board Doctor himself!

According to the Job Board Doctor, 2014 was the year that VC money returned to the job board industry. His article takes a journey back to look at some of this year’s highlights for the online recruiting world.

How to Have the Best, Litigation-Free Office Holiday Party Ever by Chastity C. Bruno

Chastity’s article aims to remind employers that office holiday parties bring with them a host of issues for employers and employees alike.

The potential for lawsuits by employees against employers for sexual harassment violations, wage-and-hour violations, religious based discrimination, and social host liability.


But don’t panic, just check out her tips for throwing a successful office holiday party whilst avoiding any potential lawsuits.

Are You Making These Social Recruitment Mistakes? by Cheryl Morgan

Not all social recruiting is good social recruiting! Social media may be a fantastic way to reach out to talent, but if you want to engage potential candidates, you’d better avoid this social recruitment faux pas.

Recruiting Millennials Through Social Media by Ladan Nikravan

An interview with Prithvi Shergill, chief human resources officer at global IT services firm HCL Technologies, about his company’s most recent innovative social recruitment campaign.

HCL Technologies ran a global Twitter recruitment campaign titled #COOLESTINTERVIEWEVER. The campaign was an end-to-end recruitment campaign conducted entirely on Twitter that successfully targeted millennial candidates.

Are We Ready For Social Talent? By Lilian Mahoukou

I am social talent… And after reading this article, I don’t even know if I am ready for me!

Lilian explains what social talent is, how social talent is different, and how recruitment must shift in order to make room for this new breed of candidate.

Enjoy these links and your holiday parties, should you dare to attend them.