How Your Employer Brand Can Hurt Your Talent Acquisition
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July 20, 2015

Passive candidates make up three-quarters of global candidates making them an essential part of all recruitment strategies.

Unfortunately for HR, these candidates are not checking job boards.

But they are reading blogs, Tweeting, and checking their Facebook. And that is how these candidates find you.

According to LinkedIn, social networks are quickly becoming the preferred channels for promoting talent brand.

This is why HR pros believe that recruitment will become more and more like marketing in the coming years.

And why “75% of global Talent Acquisition leaders say talent brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent”. (Source)

An enticing, prominent employer brand is the key to attracting top talent.

On the other hand, an unappealing employer brand with send top talent running for the hills!

LinkedIn’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends Report, surveyed 4,125 talent recruiting decision makers in 31 countries.

Making it the largest report of its kind.

The report devotes an entire section to employer brand because the data shows that it plays a crucial role in a company’s’ ability to attract qualified candidates.

One of LinkedIn’s central findings is that an unattractive employer brand can lose companies up to half of their applicants.

LinkedIn’s Winning Talent report found that no amount of money could convince 50% of UK workers surveyed to accept a role at a company with a poor employer brand.

Having no employer brand will also hurt your bottom line. Not as much as having a bad one, but enough to significantly affect your recruitment.

Investing in employer brand is shown to cut back employee turnover by a third.

A robust employer brand can reduce cost per hire by 50%.

Employer brand is vital to reaching passive candidates.

And, if your competitor’s employer brand is stronger and more prominent than yours, then they’re reaching more talent than you are.

Thankfully, LinkedIn’s research doesn’t focus entirely on the negative!

The Winning Talent Report includes some actionable information that you can use to improve your employer branding.

The research shows that offering flexible benefits and perks is the most valued benefit for candidates.

36% of employees say that flexible work will persuade them to take a job with a company.

Almost as many (34%) say that evidence of a positive company culture is what most influences their decision to accept a job offer.

And 28% are looking to work at a company that has a good reputation within their industry.

Job security, professional development opportunities, and a high caliber internal team are the other top motivators for recruiting top talent without offering any increase in salary

“Finding the best people remains the number one driver of success for any business. Better communicating the benefits and attractions of their business to potential recruits has to be top of the agenda for recruitment, resourcing and talent professionals.” – Chris Brown, director of UK talent solutions at LinkedIn.

Your employer brand is the first impression that you make on potential hires.

Make that impression a good one!