August 31

Pinning Facebook Posts is an incredibly useful aspect of Facebook your profile. Along with the basics like your profile picture, cover image and customized tabs, pinned Posts offer an awesome opportunity for branding. Pinned Facebook Posts live at the very top of your Page’s Timeline and, as such, they are the first piece of content visitors to your Page encounter… If you’re actually using them! Unfortunately, pinned Posts are often overlooked. Many of the Jobcast users I speak with don’t even know that the feature exists. Pinning Facebook posts will help you get more ROI and better reach for your most... Read More

August 24

Engagement is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Especially in the world of social media marketing. Engagement refers to the ways in which people respond to your social media presence and content. Do they like your Facebook posts? Do they retweet your tweets? Do they share, comment, follow, unfollow, click, or otherwise interact with your social media efforts?! If the answer to these questions is no, then try these simple content ideas to boost your social media engagement and get better results for your online brand. Here are 7 ways to create social media content that starts a... Read More

August 17

Recruiting on Facebook is about so much more than just posting jobs or Glassdoor scores. This is great content, but how it fits into your Facebook recruiting narrative is equally as important. An effective social recruiting strategy tells a good story. Your Page banner, your content, how you word your job posts, and even the order in which you share all create a digital narrative. In marketing, there are two ways of thinking about these digital narratives that are proven to work well on Facebook: Funnel-based storytelling and prime-and-remind storytelling. Funnel-based storytelling is about using a series of messages to... Read More

August 10

Most companies do not have dedicated social recruiting teams. These companies rely on HR, recruiters, or even just a socially savvy employee to manage their employer brand and run their social media hiring strategy. This is no easy task, especially when you still need to manage all of the responsibilities of your primary job description. If you are one of these ambitious employees, then you can’t afford to spend hours each day on social recruiting. You have other stuff to do! In this post, we’ll look at how, with the right set up and plan, you can manage your company’s... Read More

August 3

Every individual in marketing today recognizes the importance of video. They know that video is the most effective medium for selling a product via social media. When it comes to marketing your jobs to top talent, video is just as effective. Recruitment videos can increase applications by a third and they are 12 times more likely to be shared on social media than text only job posts. But many companies are still ignoring this powerful hiring tool. Use these six ideas to jumpstart your video recruitment. 1. Highlight your employer brand. Explain your company’s core values, give candidates a virtual... Read More

July 27

Even though social recruiting has been with us for a while now and has been embraced by most recruiters, the strategies best practices still confusing to many professionals out there. And, thanks to a general lack of firsthand experience with social networks, misconceptions about social recruitment abound! Here are 6 common misconceptions about social recruiting – debunked and explained to help you avoid making mistakes that can hurt your talent brand. 1. Social recruiting is free Yes, the platforms might be available to you for free, but the time, people, and other resources required for developing an efficient process of... Read More

July 20

Passive candidates make up three-quarters of global candidates making them an essential part of all recruitment strategies. Unfortunately for HR, these candidates are not checking job boards. But they are reading blogs, Tweeting, and checking their Facebook. And that is how these candidates find you. This is why HR pros believe that recruitment will become more and more like marketing in the coming years. And why “75% of global Talent Acquisition leaders say talent brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent”. (Source) An enticing, prominent employer brand is the key to attracting top talent. On... Read More

July 13

As the war for talent heats up, an increasing number of companies are turning to social recruiting. This means more competition for social recruiters everywhere. More competition for you! Do you know what your competitors are Tweeting? If not, then it’s time to find out! Your rivals are a prime source of information. Inspecting your competitors on social media helps you better understand your industry and gives you valuable insight into the behavior and interests of the audiences that you are targeting. Their most popular content can inform your future content and their failures can steer you clear of social... Read More

July 6

Whether you want to hire new talent, sell products, or grow your audience… You need to focus on your brand because none of these things is possible if no one knows who you are! Your ability to generate any of these results is based on your brand. In an era where the average person spends so much of their time online, the best ways to build that brand is through social media. This is why 78% of companies now have a dedicated social media team and why 76% of companies choose social media to communicate their employer brand. Although the... Read More

July 1

Happy Canada Day! Did you even know that it was Canada Day? I forgive you if you didn’t. Especially if you are not Canadian. Jobcast is a Canadian company, based out of Vancouver BC, so to honour our Canadian roots this week’s Link Love is all about Canada. To start, here’s an interesting fact for anyone looking for a job in our home and native land: Monday is the best day of the week to turn in your application. Monday applicants have a 10% higher chance of being chosen for interviews. For more fun facts about working in Canada check... Read More