June 15

Does your company have a Twitter page? It’s 2016 and you’ve probably heard of Twitter. Did you know that there are 310 million people that use Twitter, and that 100 million of those are monthly active users? If you’re looking to hire great talent without spending a fortune to access it, try social recruiting on Twitter. Companies typically use Twitter to establish a brand presence. It’s a great way to engage your followers and customers, market upcoming promotions and product releases, and also serves as a platform for providing customer service. What many companies also take advantage of, is the... Read More

June 9

Facebook is a great tool to connect with everyone from your family and friends to any of the other 1.65 billion monthly active users on the site. Did you know that there are hundreds of millions of Facebook Groups that you can join? With that much reach and potential, it’s no surprise that Facebook Groups present a great opportunity to share your job postings with tons of people who share common interests with you and your company. Jobcast knows that more and more people are using Groups to look for new jobs and further their careers. To help you take advantage of this, we’ve... Read More

June 8

Do the images that you share on social media stand out? Are they unique, bold… effective? Creating and sharing clever image-based content can engage your audience on a personal level because people have a stronger emotional response when they are shown instead of told. The more job seekers relate to you and your company, the more likely they are to want to work for your company. In this article you’ll learn 4 ways to connect with job seekers using social media images.   #1: Share Your Knowledge With Infographics The human brain processes visual content 60,000 times more quickly than text, which... Read More

June 1

Effective social recruiting looks a lot like content marketing. An interesting mix of content is what prompts people to follow, Like, and share on social networks. Whether you’re using social to sell sneakers, timeshares, or the latest job opening at your company, follows, Likes, and shares are what will get you the sale. Companies need to create engaging, targeted content that markets their jobs and employer brand to candidates to accompany their job ads. The best mix for social recruiting is to post 4 other types of content for every one job posted. Coming up with different kinds content is... Read More

May 17

Here at Jobcast, our product development team is always looking to build and improve on our product and now, it’s easier than ever to manage your Jobcast account with our newly redesigned Dashboard!   Our users have spoken and we have listened. We know that these are the Jobcast features that you use the most, so we’ve put them on the front page and given you easy access: Post a New Job  – We know that you want to start finding candidates so we’ve added quick access to add your latest job opening. Manage Current Jobs – Have you found a great... Read More

May 12

When researching how to help our users boost engagement for their social recruiting, the most obvious answer was more visual content. It’s been shown that content which includes images or video gets more engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So, you’re interested in making your social recruiting visual, how do you go about it. “Social recruiting isn’t an Instagram-ready field, like interior design or fashion!”, you lament. “How can we best create visual content for social recruitment?” “How can we make sure that every job post, or piece of employer brand content, that we share is visually-optimized?” These are great... Read More

May 5

Jobcast finally got a makeover. It took a lot longer than we would have like, as these things always do, but the end result is a social recruitment platform ready for 2016. When was the last time your HR department got a makeover? In the last five years, the labour market has done a 180, going from an employer’s paradise to one that is candidate-driven. Millennials have taken over the workforce and HR Tech is actually user-friendly (well, friendlier at least!) Candidates are starting their job search on Google, watching YouTube videos as a favorite way to learn about potential... Read More

April 28

In today’s world, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages on a daily basis. From old-fashioned print advertising, to television, radio, mobile, and online advertising, the average person has become accustomed to the bite-sized sales pitches companies are putting out there, and most of them have learnt to tune them out. While you still need to market in the traditional ways for those consumers who are actively seeking your product or services, building a brand story and focusing on word-of-mouth advertising will help your business stand out from the pack. In order to achieve  word-of-mouth advertising, businesses need to earn it... Read More

April 21

The majority of recruiting needs can easily be met via social media or similar online avenues. As far as recruitment methods go, social media campaigns are indispensable – as long as you’re implementing them correctly. When starting a recruiting campaign, it’s highly beneficial to develop an efficient strategy and keep a close eye on key recruiting metrics. Doing so will allow you to monitor engagement from the get-go. It can be hard to come in late and try to figure out how effective your recruiting methods have been. Understanding beforehand what you need to look for and realising all the... Read More