Sep 17
Companies Making Social Recruiting & Employer Branding Fun!

Social recruiting, and employer branding have become mainstream. Finally! Most companies now use multiple social networks to share their job openings, engage with candidates, and grow their employer brand. Sadly, what most companies still fail to do is embrace the element of fun that makes these social networks so popular. Thankfully, there are some daring employers out there, willing to try new, quirky, and occasionally just plain weird social recruiting strategies. Here are a few …

Sep 15
The Perfect Combination for Recruiting Passive Candidates

Employee referrals and social recruiting

Passive candidates are as elusive as they are desirable, a recruiters golden fleece! Why are passive candidates so desirable? Well, other than the fact that poaching a top performer away from your competition is a major win in the “war for talent”… Passive candidates are more driven and 17% less likely to need skills development than active candidates. – Click to Tweet This is according to research by LinkedIn that points to passive candidates as …

Sep 10
Where to Find Good Data

Excellent sources of social recruiting and hiring stats

Statistics and data points are a double-edged sword. On one hand, they are necessary for measuring success, effective decision making, and convincing whoever is in charge to sign off on your projects. On the other hand, they are often misleading, difficult to interpret, and hard to track down. When hiring, employers, HR, and recruiters must look at the relevant statistics in order to make decisions about what their strategy should entail. Thankfully, they can also …

Sep 3
Labor Day, Labour Day, and The Perfect HR Meme!

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays. A day off from work, to celebrate the work we do. For our non-Canadian/American readers (many of you!), Labor Day is celebrated on the first of September, usually with hot dogs and a trip to the beach. The first “Labour Day” was held in Canada (hence the different spelling of labor) way back in 1872. This inspired our neighbor to the South, Matthew Maguire, to bring the …

Sep 1
3 Recruiting Trends to Watch

And how to implement them!

The future is now. Recruiting technologies abound, and social recruiting is on the rise. Everywhere you look, there’s another hot new hiring trend emerging. Last week, we shared an article that explained how to decide which of these trends to adopt. This week’s article explores three of the most useful new recruiting trends, explains why they matter, and how you can implement them into your own recruitment strategy (no matter what size your budget!) The Resume is Being Overshadowed …

Aug 27
Women: Why They Don’t Apply, How to Recruit Them, and Why

In case you didn’t know, I am a woman. Yes, most of my posts reference sci-fi, comic book heroes, and my many failed attempts at mastering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, making my gender glaringly obvious. But just in case you had any doubts left, I wanted to clear things up. I am woman, hear me laugh like Marge roar. We recently welcomed another female member into the Jobcast fold, making our core team an even 50/50 split of …

Aug 20
5 Articles that Will Make Your Job Posts Better

But have nothing to do with recruiting or HR!

Writing better job postings is the best way to convert job seekers into applicants. It is also one of the most difficult parts of the hiring process. There are tons of resources available for improving your job postings: tips and tricks from HR experts, content-tutorials, and even straight-up templates. It’s all been done. Yet, the formula for writing engaging, effective job ads remains elusive! Making job ads interesting is hard, and I’ve yet to see …

Aug 18
How to Guesstimate Which Recruiting Trends Actually Matter

Staying on trend doesn’t always mater. Food trends can be ignored in favor of eating whatever looks good and is on sale. Fashion trends can be neglected, so long as you stock up on neutrals… Or, for virtual workers like myself, opt for PJs all day every day. Music trends can actually be detrimental to your life, especially considering the current enthusiasm for EDM. And fitness trends ought to be ignored at all costs. For …

Aug 13
Build a Great Team, Hire Like Great Recruiters, and More Great Things

Being great is a thing worth working towards, at least I think so! I hope you do as well because today’s link love is dedicated to the pursuit of greatness… First things first: “Start by admitting that greatness doesn’t come from the distraction and busywork that often fills up our lives.” – Click to Tweet I pulled this quote from Leo Babauta’s article How to Be Great. When you’re great you can make all sorts …

Aug 11
One Job Post: All Your Social Networks!

How to Set-Up Automatic Job Sharing with Jobcast

The main pain point with adopting new hiring platforms is having to share the same job ad over and over again. Sharing the exact same job ad to each of your individual social networks and job boards is a huge waste of time. It is also frustrating because you are must adjust your ad along the way to fit each platforms’ unique standards. Not fun, not efficient, and thankfully, not necessary! With Jobcast you can use …