Mar 19
HR Motivation and Inspiration

Some great articles to get you over the hump (day)

I may not work in human resources, but having grown up with both parents working in HR I feel like I can very safely say: HR is tough. From navigating finicky policy to navigating finicky staff, from trying to make everyone happy to trying to find awesome new employees… who you will then have to make happy, it just plain tough! That’s why it’s important to stay motivated. Otherwise you’ll just burn out, or worse, …

Mar 18
What Sherlock Holmes can Teach us About Content Marketing Strategy

You can call it what you want: content marketing, journalism, or just plain writing, but having useful resources for your audience is a pretty big deal (even in recruitment). You savvy readers out there know that having content can help guide those of us not yet ready to buy in making the big decision down the road. Creating killer content can be puzzling. By honing in on your inner “Sherlock Holmes” power of deduction, you …

Mar 17
3 Tips for Preventing a Hiring Hangover

Better than raw egg and Worcestershire sauce, I promise!

I fear I’ve been neglecting a very important part of blogging. A part of blogging so fundamental, so important, and so substantial that I shudder to think how upset with me you must be, dear reader. I have been neglecting to write holiday-themed posts. For this, I am sorry. But hear me out: I’ve been living overseas,and the holidays here are, quite literally, foreign to me. Usually, they involve a lot of the color orange, …

Mar 12
Awesome Content and the Tools I Used to Find it!

Possibly the most useful Link Love EVER

It’s that time again! Time to scour the internet in search of wonderful articles, and blog posts to share with you, our lovely readers. I’m actually lying a little bit… Just a touch of hyperbole really, it’s just that I no longer technically scour the internet when crafting these Link Love’s. Nope, no more scouring because I now have a zillion incredible tools that help me find awesome content. In fact, it’s become exceedingly easy to …

Mar 10
How to Use Facebook Ads to Hire for Fit

Hiring for fit is awesome. In case that last week’s article wasn’t enough to convince you of this, then how about this: “50% of hires fail within the first 18 months on the job” Okay, so that stat doesn’t actually say anything about hiring for fit… But when we look at why those hires typically fail, we see that it’s almost entirely due to the (ex) employee’s inability to mesh with their company’s culture and …

Mar 5
Three Examples of Hiring for Fit Done Right

From three completely different industries

I still don’t understand why hiring for fit is so contentious. Well, maybe I do. Instead of discussing hiring for fit done well, bloggers, journalists, and “experts” prefer to sensationalize the concept by conflating hiring for fit with hiring clones. They also enjoy referencing companies who just hire mini versions of their CEOs, or people who have the same haircut. They never actually provide us with any proof that such companies exist though… Not that …

Mar 2
Hiring for Fit vs Hiring for Title… And Facebook

It always comes back to Facebook

Retention is one of HR’s primary mandates. High turnover costs organizations tons of cash and man-hours, it disrupts team dynamics, and is just plain stressful. To quote everyone’s favorite meme: Ain’t nobody got time for that! When most of us discuss retention, we start the conversation post-hire. We look at incentives, engagement, and boosting employee morale. I recently wrote a blog post about creating a culture of retention that discussed exactly these points, but as …

Feb 26
The Future of Work Looks Bright!

All you ever wanted to know about Gen Y candidates and then some

Millennials are weird. I am one, so I can say that! Last week we talked about how the rising percentage of Gen Yers in the labor market is shaping recruiting methods. We also talked about how emojis are a very important part of my generation’s identity. There’s so much incredible information about millennial workers, recruiting Gen Y, and the cultural significance of emojis out there, that we thought we’d share some of it with you! …

Feb 24
Millennial Candidates: We Work Hard, We Do What We’re Told, We Love Emojis

How millennials are changing recruiting

Hello, my name is Samara Parker, and I am a millennial. My generation is entering the workforce en masse; we are basically taking over your office, your break room, and your life. For this, I am sorry. I am sorry for all the #selfies we post, our love of skinny jeans, and our obsession with Portland, Oregon.  But I am not sorry for how my generation is pushing recruiting into the 21st century. It’s about …

Feb 19
Back to Basics: 4 Great Articles on the Essentials of Social Recruiting

What’s new with social recruiting? A lot of course! But, everyone is always covering the newest, shiniest topics; at Jobcast, we like to take the road less traveled, to boldly go where no social recruiting app has gone before… Well, actually, we mostly just try to cover the topics our readers want covered! That’s why today’s Link Love is all about the basics of social recruiting. The basic stuff that never changes, no matter how …