Aug 4
Caring is Sharing: Why Corporate Storytelling is Important

During the course I teach in Creative Writing at Utrecht University, I tell my students one thing when they’re considering the protagonists of their stories: make me care. For readers to want to become engaged with your story, they have to like your character – flaws and all. I tell them that when I’m at a party and I’m talking to someone I don’t like, I politely find a way to excuse myself and exit …

Jul 30
Denny’s Social Media Grand Slam, Women of HR Tech, and More Trello

It is Wednesday. Wednesday is international Link Love day. That fact is untrue, but it sure sounds good doesn’t it? Unlike that untrue fact the articles we’re sharing today not only sound good, but are well researched, informative, and not blatant lies… At least we hope not!  Interesting thoughts on what makes a good hire in the age of social media by Ted Coine.  “The Social Age is not the age of predictability and routine.” …

Jul 28
26 Social Recruiting Stats and Facts

+ 1 adorable bunny.

If social recruiting is the future, then the future is now! 94% of companies are using social to recruit, but as often happens with the introduction of new technology, many of these companies are applying outdated strategies to these new mediums for hiring. They focus on just one network: LinkedIn, and just one form of content: The job ad… This version of social recruiting is outdated, and ineffective. Especially considering that: Only 14% of LinkedIn …

Jul 23
Personality Traits, Recruiting Apps, and Happiness

Do you think personality tests can help with culture fit?

Personality tests fascinate me.  I’m not talking the ever popular Buzzfeed what celebrity baby are you type quizzes here, although occasionally even those prove hard to resist!  Nope, I am referring to those tests that claim to give you all of the information you need to choose your perfect career, make people like you, and just generally become more successful at life. So I couldn’t help but click when Trish from HR Ringleader posted an …

Jul 21
Smarter Social Recruiting Through Collaboration

How and why combining multiple social networks is the future

Historically, when humans began to collaborate and work together, a fundamental shift happened. A shift that prioritized intelligence over forceful competition. Cool huh? Thank you Discovery Channel! The importance of intelligence in today’s society is undeniable. We all strive to be more intelligent in all aspects of our lives. We want to work smart, live smart, and even exercise smart! “Cooperation leads to intelligence.” – Click to Tweet Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News We also want …

Jul 16
Is Your Culture Flexible? Is Poor Engagement Hurting Your Bottom Line? Was Wolverine a Bad Hire?

We are halfway through the work week, well into summer, and, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a reading break! I know it’s time to kick my feet up, grab a coffee, and pull out ye old iPad whenever I start getting super excited by headlines like “How Flexible Work Culture Can Make Business More Social”…  Not that it’s a boring headline, but it’s no “Bat Boy cheats on Lobster Girl with …

Jul 14
How to Add Admins to Your Facebook Page

Make social recruiting a team effort

Two heads are better than one! This is even more true when it comes to social networking because those two heads will bring with them all of their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn connections… So it is actually more like hundreds and hundreds of heads floating along the series of tubes that is the internet, just a lot less creepy. I’ve been working with a new Jobcaster who is extremely socially savvy.  She has been building …

Jul 9
Risky Hires, ATS Woes, and Icebergs

Recruiters Have 99 Problems... And their ATS' Account for 92% of Them

The internet is just bursting with fantastic content this week! From slick new apps, to recruitment basics revisited, to triangular infographics: this link love’s got it all! On Hiring, Recruitment, and HR There’s a new report out from ADP’s Recruitment Quotient: Raising Your Talent IQ  You do have to give them some of your personal info, but it’s worth it for graphs like this one: How is your ATS effecting your candidate’s experience? According to …

Jul 7
The Three Most Important Facebook Insights for Recruitment

And the most important metric Facebook's not telling you! 

I was planning on putting together a post explaining the basics of Facebook Insights, but realized, it’s already been done. In fact it’s been done really well… Here: How to Use the New Facebook Insights Here: What You Need to Know About Facebook’s New Insights and Analytics And here: The New Facebook Insights: What’s New, What’s Awesome and What Sucks Instead we thought we’d share our strategy for effectively using Facebook Insights without falling asleep on your keyboard …

Jul 2
Evergreen Jobs, Community Building, and FEEP

Yes. FEEP.

Hello and welcome to the first Link Love for July. It is going to be hot hot hot…  Okay… Not really, but we do have some sizzling articles to share! If this blog post was actually that hot, then it would be NSFW. If this blog was NSFW, then you would have to read it outside of office hours which would cut into your time in the sun.   Now that we’ve explained the lack …