Jun 18
Optimize Facebook’s New Layout, Then Spy on Your Competition!

On Monday we went over all the new changes to Facebook’s 2014 Page layout. Some good, some bad, some sneaky! I think our post does a pretty good job of explaining the key changes, heck we even included screenshots, but in order to really get the most out of Facebook recruiting it’s important that you know how to use these new features to your advantage. Especially the “Pages to Watch” feature! Jobcast is a Facebook App …

Jun 16
Facebook’s New Page Layout: What You Need to Know

Don't let your Career Tab get lost!

I love Facebook’s new Page layout. With it’s latest update, Facebook has attempted to streamline Company Pages, and focus on features that are the most used by Page managers in an attempt to make our jobs easier. For the most part, I think that they have accomplished their goal. Awesome! Except… The new layout seriously de-emphasizes third party apps, and as a consequence of this your Career Tab will also less visible (no matter which …

Jun 11
How to Brand Your Facebook Career Page Video Tutorial!

Annnnd some links to love

Today’s Link Love is all about employees. Making them happy, keeping them productive, and helping them achieve their full potential. But first, we have a small announcement to make: Jobcast has a brand new video posted about how to brand your Facebook Career Page. We’re pretty excited about it because we think this video tutorial will be super helpful for all of our awesome Jobcasters! You should probably watch it right now: Then share it with …

Jun 9
Recruiting Hourly Workers Like a Jedi Master

Hourly workers, you want ‘em, we got ‘em! Except not really… Having a warehouse full of eager baristas, elevator mechanics, and house painters is illegal in Canada. What we do have are some helpful tips for recruiting qualified hourly workers with the help of social media. Next best thing… Right? If you want to attract the best candidates, you need to have a solid understanding of the talent pool from which you’re fishing. Today’s hourly …

Jun 4
Win Candidates and Influence Applicants

Did you know that physicians who are likeable are less likely to be sued?  “People just don’t sue doctors they like,” according to Alice Burkin, a leading medical malpractice lawyer. She goes on to give an example of a client who wanted to sue a random specialist, even though her primary care doctor was obviously at fault because, in the clients own words: “‘I don’t care what she did. I love her, and I’m not …

Jun 2
Hiring Hourly Workers: The Myth Vs. The Reality

What our clients have taught us!

Hiring hourly workers is easy: there’s a huge candidate pool to draw from, hourly positions require little to no experience, and these workers have minimal impact on an organization’s success. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG! Yet many HR articles, and HR tech solutions seem to focus on recruiting for salaried positions. I don’t know about you, but what our clients want most, is an effective way to engage, recruit, and hire hourly workers. The high demand we see for this …

May 28
Social Recruiting Round Up!

Things to read while you pretend to be working

Combat those midweek doldrums by taking a little break and reading our top five recent social recruiting blog posts. Taking breaks throughout the day has been proven by the internet science to increase productivity! And if that isn’t a good enough excuse; all of these  articles are HR related, so basically you are still working… Even if Tim Sackett’s article does have you laughing so hard you spit coffee all over your key board! Tim’s recent re-write …

May 26
5 Essential Social Media Management Apps

Make your social media easier

Recently I’ve been working with several new Jobcasters on their social media branding. This has got me thinking a lot about just how difficult it can be to get started with social. There’s just so much information out there, so many different “Must Use” social platforms, “Best Practices”, and gigantic lists of “Essential Apps” that you “Can’t live without!” It’s terrifying. One of my favorite blogs, BufferBlog.com, recently put out a list of the 61 …

May 21
5 Tips For Getting Your Social On!

And the articles from whence they came

Did you read Gareth Cartman’s latest guest post? In it he explains why you must get social with your recruiting, if you want to attract millennials. And, along with his convincing arguments, he even shares a quirky tip about how his company encourages employees to act as social media brand ambassadors. Gareth presents all of this info with his signature British wit. Unfortunately for you, I do not poses Gareth’s wit, but what I lack …

May 19
Want to Attract Better Candidates? Get Yer Social On!

I’ve been doing some recruiting over the last few months. 3 people, to be precise, all of them infinitely more social than me (I’m nearly 40, social for me involves being able to sit down with the missus for more than 20 minutes in the evening). They’re teaching me more about marketing than I’ve learned in the last 15 years, but above all, they’re teaching me that if we want to recruit more people like …