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Turn Your Employees Into Social Media Ambassadors

Posted by Samara Parker
March 9th, 2012

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Social media has made huge strides in the business world, especially in 2012. The methods of sharing information have greatly changed and in order to succeed in this highly technologically driven world, businesses have been forced to take notice. As the techniques for effective communication diversify, employee responsibilities will take on new roles as well. Include employees in your social media strategy by encouraging them to get involved in online communities to promote your brand. It is likely that no one knows your company better than it’s employees – so why not utilize them as social media ambassadors?

Take the Fear Out of Facebook

Some employees may not need motivation and guidance to become an ambassador. They may be well versed in the world of online communications and find it enjoyable. However, others may find the idea of it daunting, especially if they aren’t technically inclined. So take the stress out of it for them! Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are actually quite user friendly, especially when paired with a bit of helpful direction. Provide group training sessions for your employees, or organize online webinar viewings to help them feel comfortable integrating social media into their online activity.

Lead by Example

Create a strategic plan for your current social media practices. This will make it easier for employees to follow by example. Share tips from your experience and guide them on the best ways to share online. Show your ambassadors examples of previous posts from your page that you find best represent your brand to illustrate your vision.

Start a Discussion

Social networking is nothing more than an ongoing virtual conversation. Stress to employees that essentially, they are using their own voice and opinions to further promote their business.This will simplify the concept and encourage their posts to sound more organic. A great tip is to start a centralized site within the company – a place where employees can go to discuss how they feel about the brand. This will aid in developing effective online dialogue and useful keywords.

Here’s a concept; sharing can be fun!

When developing your strategy with employees, try introducing the concept that sharing results of their hard‐work with colleagues, co‐workers and customers through social media can be actually be rewarding in itself. Sharing the news of an event or accomplishment within the company and receiving instant feedback from consumers is beneficial and will provide a sense of achievement.

Employee Rewards for Sharing

If employees are effectively sharing content they should be rewarded for it. Congratulate them and take notice to show that you appreciate their effort. Create rewards programs for your top ambassadors to further motivate results. The more buzz that can be created around your brand the better and social media is one of the fastest ways to get there today.