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The Latest in Social Recruiting News

Posted by Samara Parker
November 27th, 2013

I like to pretend that I am a superhero. Mostly at the gym, but sometimes at work as well!

In order to help make me feel more like a caped crusader, every week I embark on a (not so) secret mission to make the world of social recruiting a better place. In other words: I scour the internet searching for super cool new blog posts, important social network updates, and pretty much anything that can help you improve your recruiting.

This past week brought us quite a few cool blog posts. Like this one on how your employer brand can help you with holiday staffing and retention! Okay, so it's not the most exciting topic, but it's important so get reading.

Oooooh, now here's an exciting one. Kris Dunn revisits the always controversial, and in my own opinion, totally played out topic of woman vs woman drama in the workplace. Honestly, I've never really found this to be a huge issue in my own experience, but I would love to know your opinions on how women's professional interactions with each other differ from those between men, and those between men and women. Tell me what you really think... just try to keep it safe for work!

Back to the boring, but relevant and much more useful information. Eugen Oprea share 6 great new Google Analytics features that you can use to improve your social recruiting. I know, I know, nobody enjoys tracking metrics, but, like eating your veggies, it's necessary for success in pretty much all aspects of your life!

My new favorite recruiting/HR blog, HR Nasty, provided us with an article that is hilarious, informative, and infuriating all at the same time. Nasty shares his thoughts on how an employee was (rightfully) fired for wearing one of the most disturbingly offensive costumes imaginable to work for Halloween.

Nisha at Your HR Buddy is another of my favorite bloggers of late. Her post about the importance of storytelling for business is a lovely read. It will leave you feeling informed and inspired, which will hopefully make up for how infuriating the previous article was!

Happy link loving, and do share your thoughts in the comments!