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The Best of Recruiting: Retention Addition!

Posted by Samara Parker
January 15th, 2014


It's important. It keeps the office calm, and happy, and it's great for your bottom line. Let's face it, change is hard, and ain't nobody got time for turn-over!

According to HR pros like Tim Sacket, 2014 will be the year that retention returns to HR. In the midst of the recession, retention has been neglected, but with the current economic upswing, HR needs to start worrying about losing candidates to the promise of better jobs with shiny new companies!

Our Monday blog post explored how you can use company culture as a part of your retention strategy. In researching that article, we stumbled upon a lot of great advice about retention. So, we thought we'd share that advice with you, our lovely readers!

Links to help you improve retention and keep your employees happy:

Recruiting "A" quality talent, and creating a culture of respect and trust, are at the heart of Netflix' retention strategy. I have to admit, I'm both surprised and totally impressed by the company's forward-thinking policies.

The Evil HR Lady: On the importance of company culture, including some fantastic examples from Sapient on cultivating the kind of culture that employees want to be a part of.

With the economic future looking bright, recruiters everywhere are predicting that 2014 will bring a huge increase in employees looking for new work in greener pastures! Here are a few ways you can tighten up your retention strategy to keep your best people from jumping ship.

And, if those tips aren't enough, or you just want to be extra careful, Carolyn Douglas shares her top 5 retention strategies.

These hugely successful companies also have some of the lowest turn-over rates. What do they credit it to?

Connecting company culture to performance!

These articles all provide fantastic advice for keeping your employees happy, and, well, just keeping them! Just add a decent espresso machine and cookies, and you have an airtight retention strategy. Easy peasy.

Happy Link Lovin'