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Take that Facebook. Job Boards still on top!

Posted by Samara Parker
October 8th, 2012

Job Boards are alive and well, despite the flurry of predictions last year that they were soon to be ousted by social media (I'm looking at you Forbes!). The role of social media is definitely on the rise, but Job Boards are still going steady. This is especially true for niche and local Job Boards, as their specificity makes them quick and easy for employers and job seekers alike.

According to a 2012 survey, Job Boards still account for 20% of hires. This is second only to referrals which, like diamonds, are forever. Job Boards are still one of the first places that job seekers (even those much coveted 24 - 34 year-olds) turn when on the hunt. As much as we love Facebook recruiting, we also make Job Boards a priority. We've even found a way to merge the two.

Jobcast API allows Job Boards to push an employer's job listing from their Board directly onto that employer's Facebook Page. This means those jobs get the best of both worlds.

Okay, that explanation is a little confusing. Even to me and I wrote it! Let's try a diagram:

Blog take-that-facebook-job-boards-still-on-top

Job Boards, like other employers, can also use our app to post on their own Page. I'll use screenshots this time:

Blog take-that-facebook-job-boards-still-on-top

We call this feature Job Sync. If you'd like to know more about it, check out Ryan's Blog Post (he's much better at explaining how things work than I am.)

For the screenshots, we used Alberta Health Services' Page, because they do a really great job with their Branded Career Page. You can also check out Retail.ca and BC Jobs for more examples.

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