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50% of Job Seekers Searched for Jobs on Facebook (Infograph)

January 2nd, 2012

“The days of printing out a stack of resumés and handing them out at job fairs are definitely over.”

According to an infograph by, over half of jobs seekers from a recent US poll looked for career opportunities on Facebook. That’s surprising considering that only 26% looked on Linkedin and 25% on Twitter.

Approximately 18.4 million Americans responded that they got their current job through Facebook, with LinkedIn following with 10.2 million, and Twitter with 8 million.

Utilizing social media platforms for recruiting is certainly on the rise. According to the study, 16% of employees that were surveyed found their job via a social network, which increased by 5% from 2010.

The infograph below gathered data from CNNLinkedIn along with other resources to compile a snapshot of what the modern job seeker looks like. Have a read-through for some interesting insights on how social media has truly impacted the job search.


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