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Social Recruiting Controversy, New Google+ Features and HR Blogs Worth Following!

Posted by Samara Parker
January 9th, 2013

We are well into the new year, but the best-of lists just keep rolling out! In the last week I've read dozens of articles predicting the future of "Social".

Personally I think it's potlucks in the short-term, but picnics are going to own the market starting sometime in May. Unless you live in a climate that allows for perennial picnicking, in which case, I am so jealous it hurts.

As far as social media goes, I'm kind of shocked to read that Google+ is making a comeback! The blogosphere is once again abuzz with posts about it. Most notably, Social Media Examiner posted an article claiming that Google+ Can Now Engage Anyone, Tech Crunch recently featured multiple articles about Google+'s end-of-year features blow out, and both Lifehacker and Mashable wrote about their impressive new Pan & Zoom feature for large photos.

But the most interesting and persuasive article on the matter has to be Dave Llorens', in which he writes:

"I'm willing to stake my reputation on the following statement: If Google Plus doesn’t have a staggering number of active users by the end of 2013, you can all come over to my office and pie me in the face."

I have to (very shamefully) admit I'd kind of written it off. Not because Google+ isn't a great tool — it's just that I'm super-busy trying to determine which filter does the best job of evoking the intense emotion I feel when Instagraming my breakfast (Walden)! But that's why I have four different e-reader apps on my iPad: To shame me into keeping up with the social media Joneses!

I also try to stay up on trends in recruitment, especially trends in social recruiting. Lately I've noticed a growing number of pieces reporting on the problems recruiters encounter when incorporating social media into their strategy. An interesting example of this is Steve Ward's recent article on Undercover Recruiter.

It compares LinkedIn recruiting to fast-food and warns of its potential to overload recruiters with quantity candidates instead of quality talent. Controversial and informative — what more could you ask for?

Speaking of controversy, Forbes went so far as to suggest we abandon social medial all together. Thank goodness for Jim Dougherty's thoughtful rebuttal. He reminds us that social media is often heavy on the media, light on the social, but it doesn't have to be.

Controversy aside, I've saved the best link for last! The Starr Conspiracy recently published a list of the top 40 HR Bloggers under 40 and it's awesome! Check them out, your e-readers will thank you. Promise!