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5 Great Resources for Getting Better at Your Job

Posted by Samara Parker
April 16th, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly fretting about whether or not I’m good at my job.

No matter how much praise a superior gives, how many goals I meet, or how often my mom remembers to Like my blog posts on Facebook; I’m constantly thinking about how I could do things better.

I have a feeling you may also be like this.

Otherwise, why would you be reading a blog about social recruiting whey you could be surfing Pinterest! Think of all the different cupcake recipes you could be pinning right now...

When it comes to social recruiting there are a lot of awesome tips and tools floating around the internet that can help satisfy your obsessive desire to perfect your craft, so that you can get a huge gold star from your boss, and possibly even land a promotion… Or at least show off your newly honed skills to your co-workers!

Here are some such links:

The title of this article: How to Avoid Becoming a Hiring Mistake,  made me squirm. The thought alone is terrifying! But, it is full of great tips for excelling in a new working environment.

In fact her tip about finding your “value add” reminds me quite a bit about a recent article on the benefits of social recruiting, published on a very well respected blog…

This next post by Barbara Bruno breaks down the stages of recruiting and gives 9 tips for improving your hiring process. 

Now let’s get to the social recruiting stuff!

Social media has provided HR with a whole lot of new data about candidate and employee behaviors; this article explains how you can leverage all that big data to improve HR practices.

Google Plus is becoming a hotter Hangout (see what I did there?) for social recruiters, check out this podcast and article to learn how you can use Google+ to improve your SEO and promote your content.

Then you can:

Double Your Twitter Followers in 5 Minutes per Day!

Yeeeeaaahhhh riiiiiiiight… That sounds like a real thing.

The claim of this infographic is probably false, but the advice is solid, so I am still going to recommend it, bogus title or not!

That’s it for the links, but I would love to hear any tips you may have about how to get better at work.

Share your advice in the comments :D

Happy Link Loving, and stay social.