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5 Awesome Apps for Social Recruiters

Posted by Samara Parker
April 9th, 2014

It is spring.

Spring is the BEST time to clean up your social recruiting.

Mostly because of the whole spring cleaning thing, but also because:

A - It's usually around this time that our New Years resolutions start to slip

B - It's reaaaaaaally nice out and becoming more efficient will give you more time to chill in the sun and eat popsicles

I know how important popsicles are to you, so I'm going to share some tools that will make staying on top of your social media strategy a breeze!

Check out these 5 effective tools for improving social recruiting, marketing, and reach!

  1. ShortStack: The ShortStack app organizes all of your content, resources, docs, and videos so that you can access them from a single platform. You can use ShortStack to run contests, polls, data collection and analytics. I'm having a blast playing around with the free version and suggest you do the same.

  2. Trello: Do you collaborate with other human beings? If so, the Trello app is a game changer. We've been using Trello to organize, track, and, improve the efficiency of pretty much all of our projects at Jobcast. It's easy to use, and makes communication amongst team members super simple, which is difficult considering we all work remotely and from different countries!

  3. Swayy: Are you using Swayy yet?! I told you about it like three weeks ago! Swayy is my favorite new content aggregator. It gathers data from your social networks to suggest new content that is perfectly suited to your target audience. I've definitely seen major improvements in the variety of my content strategy since adding Swayy to my arsenal, but even more importantly, it saves me tons of time!

  4. Jobcast: Of course I would say Jobcast, but come on, we automate your social sharing, integrate seamlessly with your ATS which means you only have to share a job post once to have it appear on all of your social networks and major job boards, and we even have an awesome scheduling tool. The Jobcast Facebook recruiting app is a huge time saver for anyone using social media and Facebook to recruit.

  5. Powtoon - Recruiting videos increase rate of application, improve engagement, and are a generally great way to express your company culture! Powtoon is a great little app that makes it very, very easy to put together short animations that you can use for both recruiting and marketing. Check out this short video I made using Powtoon. It's pretty decent considering it was my first attempt at using the app... and I am definitely not artistically gifted!

Now it's time to take a much needed break and enjoy some delicious icy treats :D
Happy Link Loving and barbecuing!