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Wednesday Link Love #5

Posted by Samara Parker
November 7th, 2012

We’re officially on a Facebook kick!

I think writing these Link Loves is the best part of my job. Wait… I take that back, researching them is the best part of my job!

I would never have found the Bit Rebels blog if not attempting to stay abreast of awesome links to love. If I had not found this blog I would never have read this line:

“The Internet is not bad, it’s the way we use it sometimes that can be harmful to us”

So wise.

Though addressing a pretty serious topic (internet addiction) it got me thinking about a pretty non-serious one: super powers and the great responsibility that accompanies them. This, obviously, lead me to re-watch X-Men 3 whilst munching fancy chocolate. Pretty great Tuesday night, if I do say so myself. Thank you Bit Rebels.

These links are all about the Cyclops of social networking sites: Facebook! Who’s using it, how to use it better, why research done about it is often flawed and woefully incorrect, and Facebook-related fashion. General awesomeness!


Essential Facebook Apps to Improve Fan Engagement. As mentioned multiple times in the comments section, this post is EPIC! So thorough. So many screenshots. As far as my over-extended X-Men metaphor goes, this author is definitely smarty-pants Jean Grey.

The LikeBelt. An interesting new way to update your Likes on Facebook and possibly get a date or slapped while your at it. Sounds like Gambit to me!

Three Reasons Why Facebook Advertising Seems so Damned Impossible. Don’t worry, the author goes on to give some great advice on how to address these problems. I’m going with Wolverine for this one, solely based on the title having the word “damned” in it.

Six Easy Ways to Increase Likes on Your Page. An awesome article by Ryan the beloved Doctor Xavier of Jobcast.

Why a New Study on the Effectiveness of Facebook Totally Misses the Boat. I am officially dropping this metaphor thing — I’m starting to annoy myself! Though not as much as a recent study on Facebook ads annoyed the author of this blog post!

Happy reading!