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4 Awesome Tools to Make your Facebook Recruiting More Effective

Posted by Samara Parker
July 29th, 2013

The internet is a magical place. A place where you can find videos of cute animals you never knew existed, recipes that probably never should have been invented, and “fool proof” health plans to help you recover from said recipes in 7 days without diet OR exercise.


The internet is also host to lots of useful stuff like email, Google calendar, and informative blogs about recruiting written by geniuses.

When it comes to recruiting, the web has provided employers with one of the most useful services ever invented: Facebook. Not only that, but there are a wealth of amazing new tools and resources available online that can make your Facebook recruiting and employer branding easier, more effective, and less time consuming than ever before.

Something we harp focus on a lot, here on the Jobcast blog, is about engaging candidates.


But how are you supposed to know that your talent pool is engaged? An opinion poll of course!

Everyone likes a good poll. They are satisfying to fill out and make you feel like your opinion is important, and who doesn’t want to feel important?!

Polling your fans is a great way to get their feedback on your latest endeavors, the state of your industry, and, most importantly, who makes the best chai tea latte in your town. Polling your fans/talent community also keeps them engaged with your Page. It’s a win-win situation.

One of the better free(ish) apps on the market is Poll. Aptly named, Poll allows you to easily post opinion polls on your Facebook Page, and stores all your data right on FB so you don’t need to bother creating a separate account on their website. The free version is pretty basic, but it gets the job done. If you want to customize your opinion polls, and remove ads, you can upgrade to their Premium version for a reasonable $99/year.

Check out these other great Facebook polling app options reviewed by Jeff Bullas.

Get ’em Subscribed

Gathering intel on potential hires and passive candidates, in order to keep them engaged and convert them into applicants, is one of the main goals of social recruiting. Using a Facebook app to collect email lists is a great way to accomplish this.

MailChimp is pretty much everyone’s favorite email subscription app on the market. That adorable monkey icon is ridiculously cute and their user interface is easy-to-use and beautifully designed.

Okay, so you probably knew all of that already, but did you know that you can use MailChimp to sign people up for your mailing list through your Facebook Page? Well, if you didn’t, then this simple tutorial for integrating your Facebook Page with your MailChimp account is going to blow your mind! If you did know all of that then: A) You get a social recruiting gold star and B) Please move on to the next tool.

Attention Grabbers

Someecards. I know, I know, this recommendation is a little bit out there, but trust us, it’s worth trying! If you haven’t come across these hilarious e-cards already, be forewarned, many of them are NSFW (not safe for work) and some are pretty politically incorrect, but that is what makes them so effective.

LG, Ford and even Home Depot are using Someecards to grab Facebook users’ attentions, and it’s working. People love these fantastically sarcastic cards, which mean they get a lot of Likes and Shares, making them a great way to increase engagement, while making your employer brand a little more fun. You don’t have to post anything over the top, and you definitely shouldn’t go against your company values, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some pretty hilarious cards.

Check out this one used by Ford:


See? Totally funny and inoffensive.

Facebook Recruitment

Last, but not least, no social recruiting campaign would be complete without a Facebook recruiting app. Annnd not to brag or anything, but Jobcast is pretty much the best recruiting app on the market.

At Jobcast we have over a decade of experience in social recruiting, so we know how to get results. That’s why we created our Facebook recruiting app.We truly believe that Facebook is the best place to attract, engage and convert candidates, and that our app is the most effective Facebook recruiting tool. Just in case you’d like a slightly less biased opinion, check out this review by The Undercover Recruiter which ranks us right at the top as best value for a Facebook recruiting app. Or this quote by a satisfied Jobcast customer:

“I have been using a lot of tools for online/social recruiting, Jobcast is by far the BEST. Thanks guys for this great tool! Looking forward to the upcoming features!”

– Ruben A. Rabines

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