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May 23
Jobcast Careers

Jobcast’s Facebook recruitment app makes social sharing of your job postings easy. As a Facebook Page administrator, you can share your jobs to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at any time through Jobcast’s administrative tools.

Your public job detail page included Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Send’ buttons. These buttons have become ubiquitous on the web because of their powerful sharing capabilities. Visitors express their interest in a job by ‘liking’ it, and when they do, the job gets broadcasted to their friends on Facebook. The ‘Send’ button on the other hand allows visitors to selectively send a job posting to friends.

While both the ‘Like’ and ‘Send’ buttons have served their purpose well, neither of these buttons allow you the flexibility to choose specifically where to share a job. To fill in this gap, we have introduced the ‘Share’ button.

The ‘Share’ button allows your visitors to choose from the following options when sharing a job:

  • Share to personal timeline

  • Share to a friend’s timeline

  • Share to a Facebook Group

  • Share to a Facebook Page

  • Share in a private message to friend

Since the Share button offers most of what the ‘Send’ button does, we removed the ‘Send’ button to keep the visual complexity of the page to a minimum.

We hope that the addition of the ‘Share’ button will increase the reach of your job postings on Facebook.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this new Jobcast development!

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May 16
Jobcast Careers

We recently added more search engines to our list:

By simply enabling the Include Jobs in Search Engines option, your jobs on your Facebook Page will automatically distribute to these new search engines, which we hope will greatly increase the exposure to your job openings.

Just like sharing your jobs to your Social Network, you will be able to measure the success of these search engines through our reporting tools:

We will monitor the quality of candidates referred from these search engines and add and remove from the list to continue improving the exposure to your job openings. Happy recruiting!

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May 10
Jobcast Careers

When you install the Jobcast Facebook app, it comes pre-configured with a list of 20 generic job categories, such as AccountingSales and Marketing, and Software and Programming. When you post a job, we ask you to select up to 3 categories from this list. This allows your candidates to better filter and find the job that they’re interested in. This would have served you well if you had job openings that fall nicely into these categories, but what if you wanted to hire a Chef, an Architect, or a Pilot?  We didn’t have categories that matched these job openings, so you were left to select Other as a category, which was a problem for a lot of our clients. To solve this problem, we are introducing a way to add your own custom categories that are specific to your company. We wanted to do this in a way that won’t interrupt your job posting workflow, so here is what we came up with. When you post a new job or edit an existing one, you will see this familiar category drop-down.

Notice the new Add Custom Category button. Clicking it will reveal a new input box.

Enter a new category, then click Submit to add it. You’ll then see it appear as a selected category.

Editing the category is just as easy. When you open the category drop-down list, you will notice an edit icon next to your custom categories.

Tip: You can only edit categories that are listed in the drop-down. Currently selected categories don’t appear there, so you will need to deselect it first before you can edit it.

Click the edit icon and you will be prompted to change it. Hit Enter to save or Esc to cancel.

You’re welcome to add as many custom categories as you’d like, but we recommend that you keep this to a minimum and categorize your job openings appropriately.

I hope you find this new feature convenient and intuitive to use.

Happy recruiting!

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April 2
Jobcast Careers

Last Friday, all Facebook Pages were upgraded to Timeline. In anticipation of this upgrade, we've been working hard on an updated version of our Facebook app to better showcase your job postings.  I'm excited to announce that the update to our app is now complete. Here are some of the highlights:

More Real Estate for Your Jobs One of the biggest benefits of the new Timeline design is that apps installed on your Facebook Page get a lot more real estate.  This allowed us to rethink how jobs should be listed and displayed. We hope that this new design will make it easier for your candidates to filter and apply to jobs that are most suited to them.

Improved Job Application Experience

One of the use cases that we wanted to support was the ability for a candidate to review a job description while applying to a job. We often recommend to candidates that they should customize their application to reflect the requirements in the job description, so to make this easier, we've added a "Show Job Details" button on the application form. When clicked, this button will reveal the job description beside the application form.

Direct Link to Job

We previously supported Facebook's native ability to share job postings by "Liking" or "Sending" jobs to friends, but it was never easy for users to share jobs on their own.  To address this problem, each job posting now comes with a "Link to this Job" button. When clicked, a shortened URL will be revealed. This URL will direct desktop users back to the job posting on your Facebook Page, while mobile and tablet users will be directed to a mobile optimized version of your job posting.

Back Button Support

During our many usability tests over the last few months, we often saw our users click the browser back button only for it not to work as expected. I'm pleased to say that we now fully support the browser back button inside of our Facebook Page app.  In modern browsers, you will even see the panels slide in and out of the page when you click the back button, just as it does when you navigate from job to job. We hope that these changes improve the job application experience for your potential candidates. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment here or post on our Facebook Page.

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February 25
Jobcast Careers

With over 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide, we realized that Jobcast had to be mobile friendly. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the latest advancement to our social recruiting app. Job listings posted through Jobcast can now be viewed on mobile devices!

Users will not be directed to your company’s Facebook Page, however they will be sent to a mobile optimized website that will allow them to view the entire job posting and its details.

We hope that this new feature drives additional relevant traffic to your job postings. As always, we value your feedback, so feel free to send us a message or review our App on our Facebook Page.

Happy (social) recruiting!

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January 26
Jobcast Careers

Thank you to the team at FeedMyApp for a great review of Jobcast! Posted on January 23rd, 2012: "It makes total sense to utilize the outstanding coverage that Facebook delivers when advertising jobs. Let's face it, with the economic climate the way its, half of your potential job candidates are probably sitting on their butts at home using social networking sites whilst job searching. Jobcast is a social media monitoring application for jobs and employment that broadcasts jobs to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other job boards to find the top talent that's out there looking for work. Social Media is changing the way we live, communicate, and work. With so many people having Facebook accounts now it seems the next logical step is to integrate your social life with your work life so that you get the best of both worlds. Jobcast is a simple to use Facebook social recruiting application that broadcasts jobs to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin as well as major job boards like Indeed, Juju and Jooble. With Jobcast, employers are able to find their top talent where many people spend their time online - on social media sites..."

[continued here]

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January 24
Jobcast Careers

Localization certainly plays an important role in building your regional talent pool through social recruiting, and therefore, we are pleased to announce that Jobcast now supports 15 languages! They are: Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) English French German Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Europe) Russian Spanish (Europe) Spanish (Latin America) Turkish To post jobs through Jobcast in one of the languages listed above, click on the Distribution tab, then select the language from the drop down box. Please note: you will need to opt-in in order to use this feature. Happy posting!  

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January 17
Jobcast Careers

One of the most requested Jobcast features that has been absent in the existing interface is reporting. We are pleased to announce that reporting functionality has now been introduced. With our new reporting feature, you will be able to review which networks offer the best exposure, which networks your applicants come from and which networks most often lead to successful candidates. We encourage you to examine reporting for your existing accounts by following the steps below: 1. Select the account that you would like to view the reporting for 2. Select the Jobs tab, and then click the Reports tab From there, you will see 3 report options on the left-hand side;

Total Job Views by Source

(Analyze which networks offer best exposure),

Total Applicants by Source

(Analyze which networks your applicants come from) and

Total Hires by Source

(See which networks most often lead to successful candidates).

We hope that these simple reports help you further with your social recruiting goals. Because this is a new feature, we would like to use this opportunity to solicit your feedback regarding the functionality of the reporting features. Please feel free to contact us or comment below with any thoughts!

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January 11
Jobcast Careers

It’s a new year and we are continuously updating our Jobcast careers, job and recruiting Facebook app with new advancements. We are happy to share that we have 6 new features. Here’s what’s new:

1) Social Sharing on Twitter and LinkedIn

We have added a vital feature within our app – the ability to post job opportunities to Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • Select the Manage Jobs tab and click on the Published button

  • Select the position you would like to share with your social media networks

  • Click on the Share button and then select the checkbox next to each social media platform you would like to post to. Clicking on the X will then prompt you to activate the social media platform selected (ie: Twitter)

  • Enter in your login and password for the selected social media platform(s) After completing the steps above, you will be able to post to those activated accounts for all job postings going forward.

2) Post Jobs to Indeed, SimplyHired, Juju and Jooble

You are now able to post your job postings to three of the top job boards: IndeedSimplyHiredJuju and Jooble. Here’s how:

  • In your Jobcast account, select Distribution

  • Select the Search Engines tab

  • Click on the checkbox next to ‘Include Jobs in Search Engines’

Please note: due to their strict policies, enabling this feature will not guarantee that jobs will be included by search engines. As a general rule, if jobs are posted directly by the employer and applications are collected directly by this App, then the probability of inclusion will be the highest.

3) Track Applicants by Source

Curious to know where your applicants found your job posting? Now you can.

When applicants click on a link to a job posting through a social network and submit an application for that role, the source (ie: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) will appear  the applicant’s details.

4) Rate Applicants

Rating applicants couldn’t be any easier. Through our integrated applicant tracking system, you now have the ability to rate each applicant through a simple to use 5-star system.

5) Add Notes

As a Jobcast administrator, you are now able to add notes related to applicants. All page administrators have the ability to add notes, which will be shared with other team members automatically through the applicant tracking system.

6) Manage Multiple Pages from One Account

Do you manage the recruiting for multiple companies? Does the company you recruit for have multiple divisions? Do you oversee corporate recruiting across multiple channels?

We have now introduced the ability to manage multiple Facebook pages from one account.

6 new features and more to come. We hope that these advancements further assist in your social recruiting needs. Thank you to those who have provided valuable feedback on our app. We welcome all feedback – feel free to share any input and/or comments by contacting us here.

Want to try out Jobcast? It’s a FREE, simple solution to your recruiting needs. Hire Smart. Click here to download the app now.

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