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Share Button Meets the Like Button

Posted by Johnny Oshika
May 23rd, 2012

Jobcast’s Facebook recruitment app makes social sharing of your job postings easy. As a Facebook Page administrator, you can share your jobs to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at any time through Jobcast’s administrative tools.

Your public job detail page included Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Send’ buttons. These buttons have become ubiquitous on the web because of their powerful sharing capabilities. Visitors express their interest in a job by ‘liking’ it, and when they do, the job gets broadcasted to their friends on Facebook. The ‘Send’ button on the other hand allows visitors to selectively send a job posting to friends.

While both the ‘Like’ and ‘Send’ buttons have served their purpose well, neither of these buttons allow you the flexibility to choose specifically where to share a job. To fill in this gap, we have introduced the ‘Share’ button.


The ‘Share’ button allows your visitors to choose from the following options when sharing a job:

  • Share to personal timeline

  • Share to a friend’s timeline

  • Share to a Facebook Group

  • Share to a Facebook Page

  • Share in a private message to friend


Since the Share button offers most of what the ‘Send’ button does, we removed the ‘Send’ button to keep the visual complexity of the page to a minimum.

We hope that the addition of the ‘Share’ button will increase the reach of your job postings on Facebook.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this new Jobcast development!