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HR Tech Game Changers: Employee Referral Systems

Posted by Samara Parker
January 26th, 2015

Number two on our list of HR tech game changers is the employee referral system.

Employee referrals have stood the test of time as the most effective source for quality hires. - Click to Tweet

Employee referrals are the number one source for volume of hire and the top source for quality of hire, even beating out social recruiting!

According to HR thought leader Dr. John Sullivan, if 50% of your company’s hires aren’t coming from referrals, then you need to get proactive with your referral program!

Creating an effective employee referral program is no cakewalk.

Employee engagement ranks highest on the list of human resources challenges according to a study by SHRM.

Employee referral programs rely entirely on employee engagement!

Employees must be aware of what jobs their company is looking to fill, understand what type of skills those jobs require, and then actively seek out and connect with qualified peers.

That’s a whole lot of legwork on their part.

Offering attractive rewards for their efforts will encourage employees to a certain extent, as will making referrals a part of your organization’s culture.

But, this is still not always enough to overcome the natural instinct towards inertia.

HR tech can help!

New cloud-based employee referral programs are using gamification, automation, matching, and social media to make the referral process easier and more fun for employees.

Bonus, theses programs make tracking and rewarding employee participation a breeze for human resources!

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Careerify uses gamification to encourage employee participation.

The Careerify employee referral system allows companies to create challenges based on the candidate, the type of job, the location of a job, and many other data points.

The system administrator can also choose to create hidden challenges that employees can unlock by participating in the referral program.

Zao’s employee referral system uses big data and matching technology to make the referral process easy for employees.

Their system gathers data from employee’s social channels to find out which of their connections are best suited for open jobs. Then Zao will encourage the employee to reach out to these specific candidates, even providing them with an email template.

The Jobcast employee referral system makes the referral process more social.

With Jobcast, employees have a dashboard that keeps them up to date on all the open jobs that their company needs to fill.

When they see a job that looks like a good fit for one of their friends, with one click, they can share that job posting through any social network that they choose.

Blog hr-tech-game-changers-employee-referral-systems

All three of these employee referral systems automate the referral process through deep integration with Applicant Tracking Systems.

Automation cuts down on repetitive tasks, ensures that employees are always aware of their company’s open jobs, and lowers the chances for human error.

All three of these systems also make tracking and managing employee referral programs much easier by providing reporting on employees’ participation and results.

If your organization is struggling to make the 50% benchmark for employee referral based hires, then using a technology driven employee referral system could be the game-changer you need.

For a detailed analysis of the different platforms currently on the market, check out this employee referral systems comparison guide by HR Tech Advisor.

To learn more about Jobcast’s social employee referral system, shoot me an email at samara@jobcast.net :D