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Your Professional Score with Identified

January 18th, 2012
Blog your-professional-score-with-identified

Your reputation is important, especially in the professional world.

How 'in demand' are you in the market right now? It's a question we all ask ourselves, but it is difficult to gauge how your skills, educational background and experience match up with what is in demand in the marketplace. Want to know how companies value your professional background and what companies and/or people are looking for someone like you right now?

Identified is the solution.

Identified is a tool that tells you how 'in demand' your professional background is right now. By tracking and analyzing what thousands of companies search for, Identified gives each professional an Identified Score that falls between 0 and 100. To find out more information on how the score is calculated, visit their website here.

Not only is Identified the first product to provide people with real-time, interactive feedback on how companies view their professional information online, it also allows users to manage their privacy and control what professional information they would like to share with companies online.

Want to know where you stand in the professional job market right now? Visit to find out.