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Happy Holidays From All of Us at Jobcast

Posted by Samara Parker
December 23rd, 2013


It is almost Christmas. So, if you celebrate that holiday, hopefully all of your shopping is done. If you celebrate it with gifts that is!

My family celebrates with food mostly, but also presents. That is why it was pretty scary to wake up yesterday morning, realize just how close to Christmas it was, and that I had not yet even thought about shopping for gifts, let alone purchased any, and that I was going to have to actually leave my house, and maybe even enter a MALL.

Thankfully all of my gifts are now purchased. I did have to venture outside, but luckily I managed to avoid the mall. Life is good!

To celebrate, I thought I would give all of you, our awesome readers, a gift as well. It's the kind of gift that employers everywhere dream of:

A free white paper about how to use Facebook for recruiting.

I know, I know, there are a lot of white papers out there, but this one is full of great tips and tricks, has a really easy get-started guide, and is very thoroughly researched. It even includes real life examples! What's not to love?

Check out our free white paper for an awesome guide to Facebook recruiting.

Happy (holiday) social recruiting from all of us at Jobcast.