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A Recruiter's Quick Guide on Periscope for Recruiting

Posted by Joan Herbert
August 31st, 2016

Live streaming is becoming a normal part of social media, and it’s now one of the most useful tools in the marketing arsenal. For recruitment, it can be an invaluable tool, something you wish you had started using years ago. With solutions like Periscope now making it easier than ever to get started, here’s all you need to know about live streaming recruitment.

Getting Started

Let’s begin with a look at how to set up your Periscope account. You will need to download the app and then connect it to a Twitter profile to have everything set up in a matter of seconds. Make sure that you use the right account: a corporate profile can work very well as you will have instant access to those that you already follow on Twitter. You only get a 24 hour window to share broadcasts, so if you want to save them for later, turn on the auto-save function in your settings.

Quick Tips

Now you are all set up, what do you need to think about before you broadcast? Make sure that your broadcasts are open to the public for all sessions, so that you can reach as many people as possible. Then use the ‘share to Twitter’ function so that your Twitter followers will all know that you are live. This is a good way to get as many viewers as possible.

Localization is key for recruitment, so use the location-tagging feature to highlight where you are broadcasting from. This will let candidates know that they are looking in the right area. You may lose a few viewers who aren’t anywhere near your location, but that doesn’t matter – you only want those who would be interested in working with you.

Also make sure to respond to comments as they come in. The communication in live broadcasting should be a two-way street. Don’t just ignore those who make the effort to reach out to you.

Information Sessions

Candidates will love to be able to see the person they may end up interviewing with, and they may have questions that they want to get out of the way before they apply or come for interview. That’s why you should have information session for your open positions. Internal recruiters can take charge of these, setting a time and date for the session – this can even be included in job ads to give candidates a heads up. This highlights the positions for your followers and allows them to know more. Make sure your recruiters know what they can and can’t discuss from a legal standpoint before they begin.

General Promotion

So how can you use Periscope for promotion outside of these sessions? People love to watch “day in the life” sessions, where you showcase how someone in your organisation spends their day. You can also live stream events that your company may hold. The only limit is your imagination, and it seems so far as though people are willing to watch just about anything!


A quick word on alternatives: you can also use Facebook Live, although this is perhaps seen as a little informal and less professionally-aimed. Snapchat is another option, but you will need to build up a big following before you use it as outside cannot get access to broadcasts.

Live streaming is becoming much more prominent in the world of recruitment, and now is a great time to get involved. Don’t be the last company to get on board with this new way of doing things. Try Periscope as soon as possible and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Joan Herbert is an Assistant Manager at Bank-Opening-Times.co.uk, a curious individual, avid reader and a passionate creative writer.