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Learn to Optimize Job Posts for Best Exposure

Posted by Aidan McCrea
February 20th, 2017

When it comes time to find well-qualified employees for open positions in your company, you have a lot of competition for their attention. And you also have to persuade them that they do, in fact, want to find a job: Sixty-two percent of currently employed people aren’t even looking.

In today’s attention-grabbing world, your first reaction might be to think a shorter job description works better, but it doesn’t. In fact, longer gets more exposure, as does accuracies in description and simple language that helps people quickly understand what the job is, what your company is, and what your values are.

Want more details? This graphic can help.

Blog learn-to-optimize-job-posts-for-best-exposure

Source: http://www.akkencloud.com/how-to-optimize-job-posts-for-maximum-exposure/