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Why Business Social Media Is Important for Recruiting

Posted by Sara Carter
May 20th, 2022

The job market has been drastically changing in recent years. More people are leaving their jobs and searching for new or better opportunities. In 2021, an average of more than 3.95 million workers in the U.S. quit their jobs each month. This mass exit presents a chance for a company to source new talent for their teams.

One method of announcing job opportunities or open positions is to post them on social media. Facebook and Instagram are two platforms where people spend a lot of their time, both for business and personal reasons. So as a company, it’s important to have an active social presence. And if there’s a need for further justification, check out the following reasons:

Reason 1: People Are Looking for Jobs on Different Platforms

According to a poll conducted by CareerArc, 86% of job seekers say they use social media for job searching. Whether it’s LinkedIn or Facebook, people are not always going to the traditional job listing websites to find their next career opportunity. Instead, they are looking across a variety of platforms. For this reason, businesses should consider posting open positions on their social pages.

Reason 2: Save Business Time and Money

It can cost a company thousands of dollars to post and fill an open position. However, by utilizing social media, a business can cut some of those costs. One way is relying on current employees to spread the word on their personal pages. Think about it; a person can have upwards of one hundred connections on their social accounts, and that’s a whole pool of potential candidates that you can get in front of.

Additionally, it’s not just a company’s employees who will share about an opportunity; page followers and friends will also share this news with their network of people. This group of people again has a large number of connections that might contain the one perfect candidate to fill an opening.

Reason 3: Build Reach of Business Brand

Company culture is becoming a top priority for job seekers. Scrolling through an organization’s social pages will allow individuals to get a peek into daily activities and business values. This is a preview for outsiders to see what they may get into while working for a company.

Managers can post employee-generated content and content highlighting benefits and business initiatives. This type of content, in addition to other daily posts, will help boost a company’s appeal to job candidates and give them a leg up in attracting the right people for their jobs.

Closing Thoughts

There are many other reasons to use a business social media page for recruitment. It’s important to keep active pages and provide updates, not only for page followers but also for potential employees. That way, a business can hook new talent quickly for their open jobs.

As more individuals seek out new job opportunities, businesses have the chance to find their next team member. With people leaving their current positions at a higher rate, organizations that post open jobs on their social media will have a chance to get in front of these individuals.

Author Bio: Sara Carter is a co-founder of Enlightened Digital. She enjoys spending her days writing about technology and business, writing code, or chasing her kids and dog.