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Happy holidays from all of us at Jobcast!

Posted by Samara Parker
December 24th, 2012


It's Christmas Eve.

Already? How did this happen!?!

Sooo ... happy holidays! I'm going to put on some Christmas oldies now. Much better!

Living in the Netherlands, far from family and Canadian friends, it's been pretty easy to ignore what time of year it is. There's also a significant lack of reminders in my general surroundings : No mall Santa, no huge pre-Christmas sales and crazy shoppers, no holiday music blasting my ears or Starbucks employees tempting me with sugary pepperminty holiday beverages.

When I first noticed this I asked my lovely friend K.J. what Dutch people did for Christmas. He responded by rolling his eyes and saying, voice dripping with mock disdain:

"We celebrate the birth of Jesus!"

They do this by feasting for two full days! It's amazing! I'm not entirely sure of the direct connection between Jesus' birth and food, but I'll take feasting over mall Santa any day. No fretting over finding the perfect gift, crazed last-minute shopping, or terrifyingly jolly fake-bearded men. Just family, friends and mulled wine.

It's pretty wonderful actually!

So, from all of us at Jobcast, have a wonderful holiday season. May it be as devoid of stress as possible! Skip the malls, and instead cuddle your friends and family with a mug of cocoa.

Fijne kerst!