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August 3
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The most efficient way to enhance social media efforts is to develop a solid social media strategy. Every serious content marketer has a social media strategy template he or she can refer to in order to keep their goals in check. Finding your content niche that forms the best connection with your audience should be your top priority. This list should help you get an insight into what types of content you could use to enhance the effects of your social media efforts.


News is the type of content that definitely gets far more shares online overall. But, this only works if you are in the news industry. This type of content can be used for other businesses in very specific cases. For example, to determine the right time to launch a new product and to decide how to advertise the super cool new features your product will offer to customers.

This is why newsworthy content scores many shares on social media, especially in the technology and entertainment industries. If your business is about something else, you may want to focus on other types of content. In case you are new to the web, you can seek professional help to easily start, run and grow your online presence.

List Posts

Some of the most shareable types of content online are list posts. People love reading content that has a certain number of points, finishing with a brief conclusion; straightforward and easily skimmable, these type of posts help audience quickly get the underlying message.

Research shows that lists proved to have very reliable social traction, reaching more than 20 thousand shares per month.


Social media posts that have an image attached are more likely to be clicked on, liked and shared. Twitter, for instance, discovered that tweets that had images attached received a whopping 300 percent more engagement than the plain text tweets. The option to attach up to 4 pictures in one tweet makes it easier for users to tell a whole story in just one post.

This proves to be a great way for businesses to enhance their social media efforts. On top of that, there are many free online tools that can help you edit the images you want to share in order to draw more engagement.

Many people think that it is inappropriate to use gifs in business-related posts. But, new trends show us that this might not be the case. Gifs are entertaining and they can certainly become some of the most engaging pieces of content out there.

Content That Evokes Emotions

In order to engage more people, your content has to be able to tell a short story and spark the audience’s emotions. People are emotional beings and the best way to make an approach and get the desired effect is to give people what they want. The more emotional value your post has, the more likely it is going to be shared.

Although the posts invoking negative emotions do work, experts recommend that marketers go with the ones that invoke happy emotions. Studies show that positive ratings are correlated with social media content that inspires people to feel happy. You want to make sure to use an emotional language to achieve the best results.


Recent research shows that infographics are shared a whole lot. They have the most potential to become viral and widely shared. Experts say that people are reacting to infographics the way they do because they are incredibly engaging and, because we process visual information a lot faster than any other type.

There is no better way to enhance your social media effort but to use visually appealing content in order to get your audience to actually look at it and read it. And, the pictures that go along with the text also help people better understand and remember the content faster.

As you can see, there are many types of content you can utilize to achieve the desired goals for your business. Every type of content can be highly customized in order to achieve the desired effects. Beside doing research and following the social media strategy you’ve designed, you should always keep an eye open for feedback. This way, you will make sure to provide your target customers with the type of content they appreciate the most.

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