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December 8
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The process of HR recruiting has changed dramatically over the past few years. While recruiters once had to meet candidates at career fairs or wait for resumes to get dropped off at the office, they can now target and communicate with potential candidates on social media.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have millions – even billions – of users. They’ve become the go-to resource for recruiters looking for top talent. And done well, social recruiting can have a big impact – in terms of hiring, but also in terms of reputation. Companies that succeed at social recruiting hire some of the best job seekers – and they create modern, tech-savvy brands.

So – which companies are succeeding at social recruiting? Here are 5 of the best:

Home Depot

Recognized as being an industry leader in social media recruiting, Home Depot proves its recruiting expertise by posting job openings both on Twitter, and on its dedicated company careers page. The company also builds interest in employment opportunities through its Facebook page. Home Depot doesn’t just send posts into a void, either – their Twitter account has 245,000 followers, while its Facebook page has over 60,000 likes.


UPS takes advantage of multiple social media platforms to recruit new staff members. They have a presence on the big three – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – but they’ve also expanded to Google+, Pinterest, and other social sites. The company is willing to explore new platforms – and they’re savvy enough to create dedicated careers pages on Facebook and Twitter. This combination of strategies has helped add over 14,000 professionals to their workforce.


This company knows the value of social media. Sodexo has been successful in its recruiting efforts because of the various social communities it has created such its Careers blog, Career Connections Newsletter, Talent Community, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+, YouTube, and other in-house venues that applicants can join to stay up to date on everything Sodexo has to offer.


The shoe retailer has made a big impact in the social media world with its bold stance on recruiting. Zappos has eliminated traditional job postings and online applications in favor of an Inside Zappos page, which it hopes will help applicants learn more about Zappos and choose the department or position that’s right for them. The Inside Zappos page, along with accompanying social media profiles, aims to give job seekers a real inside look at Zappos’ culture and help them get a feel for what it would be like to work there.

M9 Solutions

M9 Solutions is a strategic staffing firm within the HR industry, so it’s no surprise that the company is well versed in using social media platforms for recruiting, both for itself and its clients. M9 Solutions’ recruiters are able to gain leverage with candidates at an exponential rate using social platforms.

Their focus?  Using social media to build better relationships with more candidates, reaching out to thousands of people every year.

Social recruiting statistics

While these companies are well known for launching social media recruiting campaigns and building strong relationships on social platforms, statistics indicate that social recruiting is becoming more and more widespread every year.

According to, more than 90% of recruiters have adopted social media marketing strategies to bring new workers on board. When integrated with a variety of high-tech and demographically targeted strategies, recruiters have a better chance of finding and hiring the highly skilled and talented applicants they want.

What strategies do you use to succeed on social media? What companies do you see leading the pack?

Abby Perkins is Editor in Chief at Talent Tribune, a data-driven blog dedicated to jobs, workplace culture, and HR software.

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