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Improved "No Jobs" Messaging with Rich Text Editing

Posted by Johnny Oshika
June 7th, 2012

We hope your company is growing and you have open positions to fuel this growth. However, we realize that there are times when you don't have any open positions to advertise. In those situations, you can still use Jobcast to communicate your values, culture, and what it's like to work at your company to prospective hires.

Up until recently, we didn't provide much flexibility in how this message was presented until a few weeks ago with the introduction of a rich text editor. So instead of just plain text, you can now style and highlight your message, and most importantly, add links to external sources.

Simple Rich Text Editor

Blog improved-no-jobs-messaging-with-rich-text-editor

Customized "No Jobs" message on your Facebook Page

Blog improved-no-jobs-messaging-with-rich-text-editor

So the next time you don't have any open positions to advertise on your Facebook Page, we hope that this update will provide you with better tools to present a more effective message to your visitors.