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Deleting Jobs From's Facebook App

Posted by Johnny Oshika
May 20th, 2011

When the Facebook App was launched in February, we didn’t offer customers the ability to delete jobs.  Jobs could be archived (either manually or automatically when the expiry period passed) and while these archived jobs were no longer publicly visible, you could still view the job applicants and any statistics associated with those jobs from the Admin Panel:

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With archiving in place, we didn’t think it would be important for customers to be able to delete jobs. Besides, why would you want to lose valuable statistics about your job? Well, it turns out that we were wrong. We received a number of requests for a delete option and here are the reasons:

  • When a lot of our customers first install our Facebook App, they often test it by creating sample job postings. These postings serve no purpose other than to test our App, so having them sitting in the Archived list clutters the list.

  • Some of our customers have more than 100 archived jobs. With so many jobs that are archived, it becomes difficult to manage the list and an occasional purge is necessary.

We now offer you the ability to delete your jobs.  Deleting is permanent, so we didn’t want it to be so easy that you could do it inadvertently, but we also didn’t want to make it so burdening that it impacts the user experience. You will be asked to confirm your action whenever you performed a ‘delete’, but hopefully in a non-intrusive way.  Here are some examples:

Deleting a single job from your list:

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Deleting multiple jobs:

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I hope you find this feature useful.  If you have any feedback (on this topic or any other), please drop us a note.