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February 27, 2013

Okay, fun fact, both of my parents worked in HR.

My dad has conducted and consulted on more interviews than I can come up with a clever analogy for (shocking, I know!). My mother specialized in classifications, so she’s also very comfortable with the interview process. When I write these articles I always try to keep them in mind.

What aspects of social recruiting would they be interested in learning more about, how can I make Facebook recruiting less intimidating for them, and how can I make posts about things like #hashtags less boring for them to read? Super hero analogies work great for my dad, and I sincerely hope that the rest of you follow in my mother’s footsteps and accompany your blog reading with a glass of wine!

Lately, like my parents, I’ve been conducting some interviews. These interviews are for our blog and have been amazing! I’ve learned so much about how small businesses are using social recruiting through talking with people like Dave Wiltjer from Gordon Food Service.

It got me thinking about how social media is changing the interview process and the ways in which employers and recruiters are using new media to benefit their interviewing.

So, our Link Love this week is all about the art of the interview, with a bias towards the social media side of things.


“The Holy Grail of Interview Questions.” Okay, so I took that quote completely out of context, as you will learn if you go on to read this very clever article that lays out some effective interview questions that are rarely asked.

Social Media Headhunter answers the question: So what exactly do you ask a social media consultant in an interview?

Video interviews are probably the biggest game changer that social has brought to the interview process. Here’s an infographic that explains the awesome cost and time saving benefits of video interviews.

Google+ is back in vogue for social recruiting — big time — and part of that is because using Google hangouts is a great way to pre-screen candidates for interviews.

Leave it to the Dutch to come up with the wackiest job interview technique ever! It’s no wonder I fit in so well in Holland.

Bonus infographic: From the invention of the telephone to video interviewing via mobile, the evolution of the job application.

Happy birthday dad!