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March 13, 2012

Social media is all about transparency, but how far is too far? You’ve heard the horror stories about job applicants that get turned down because their potential employer discovered their outstanding tweets, or saw personal pictures of he/she partying on Facebook. There are many tips and articles that discuss keeping your online activity from damaging your career, but when social media profiles are handled correctly, it can help you professionally. Social media can be used to boost or enhance your personal brand, establish yourself as an expert in a specific field or showcase your talent with all things digital.To help do so, it is imperative to be proactive about managing the content you are sharing along with your image.

There is no such thing as private space online

Most people have tested some form of social media. If you already on social media platforms (which I am sure you are), it is important to think about how professional contacts view you. Ensure that you decide which social media channels you will use for specific purposes (ie: LinkedIn for professional purposes and Google+ and Facebook for personal).

Build your personal brand

When people come across your profile and look through your social media activity, they certainly can get a sense of what you are about. The more you post on a specific topic, the more likely you will be affiliated with it. Even a small amount of content can go a long way towards establishing you as an “expert”. If you are passionate about a specific topic and openly share your opinion and perspective in a compelling way, you can begin to generate a following. Essentially, social media is an avenue to demonstrate your familiarity with a specific topic.

Showcase your knowledge of all things digital

Being proficient in social media and showcasing your skills through being active in online conversations is an extremely strong way of differentiating yourself from others. It shows your competency to potential employers who are increasingly looking for these types of skills.

Continue to learn about the latest digital trends

Social media creates engaging conversations. Interact with professionals, industry media and experts in your desired field of work which will allow you to deepen your personal level of knowledge in that industry and stay on top of the current trends. When you post your thoughts or content on social media and have the opportunity to hear other people’s opinions through comments, shares and “likes”, you are creating a conversation that provides you with valuable insight.

Follow the rules

Most companies have policies on social media regulations. So before you begin blogging and posting tweets showcasing your expertise, be sure you know your company’s policy before proceeding. It’s important that you do not violate your current employer’s rules!